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Big Sean Talks Law of Attraction & Books He’s Read

Big Sean talks about how he's spiritual, believes in the law of attraction, and has had a life coach to help him be successful.

Our Deepest Fear Speech: Coach Carter

The Coach Carter movie clip of the troubled student who finally changes and understands that we were all meant to shine! He delivers Marianne Williamson's amazing message: We are powerful beyond measure! An absolute classic..

Steve Jobs Video: Secret of Life

"The thing I would say is… When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your...

In Memory of Robin Williams: Carpe Diem (Dead Poets Society)

  Robin Williams was reported to have passed away today (August 11, 2014), in rememberance of one of the greatest actors of all time, here...

Steve Jobs: “You Have To Have A Lot Of Passion For...

Steve Jobs often quoted by many as the innovative pioneer of our generation, weighs in on his perspective of why passion is so needed for success. In his point of view, the only way to really persevere, is to really love what you do. Here's the script of what Steve Jobs says in the video:

Rapper Logic Talks Law of Attraction And Goal-Setting

As hip hop artist Logic is rapidly making a major name for himself with hit songs such as "Welcome to Forever" he's quickly becoming a name in regular hip-hop conversation. One can only wonder how he's made a name for himself, this video gives some insight on how he states he's achieving his dream, and made his first million (which was before he was even signed). In this vid, Logic talks with Steve Lobel about how he believes the Law of Attraction is everything, and how he used to envision being with some of the people he's around now. He also talks about how he sets his dreams into goals, and that everytime he achieves one goal, he sets 10 more, because even though he's humbled, and enthusiastic for achieving one goal, he knows to keep growing its a continuous goal-setting process.

Changing Education Paradigms: Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson makes an excellent case about the education system and how it should be built around creativity as opposed to building robots. This speech is paired with engaging animation from RSA. A brilliant video that puts 2 masterpieces together - A must see!

Tyrese Gibson Change The Things Around You Change Your Life

Tyrese Gibson is making a name for himself in the "motivational speaking" industry as he keeps coming out with more and more videos that are inspiring the younger generation. Here's a great short-movie that enhances Tyrese's motivational words with a visual backdrop that goes hand in hand with what is being said.