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Eva Longoria Talks About American Opportunity

Actress Eva Longoria delivered a heartfelt speech at the Democratic National Convention where she spoke about opportunity, education and working hard to reach success.

Andrew Mason – Founder of Groupon: The Definition of Values

The Groupon Founder, Andrew Mason explains the definition of true values and how to stay true to them and follow them like religious principles.

How Self-Taught Scientist Michael Faraday Found His Education and Path Before...

Here are 15 quotes from Michael Faraday that underlies his simple approach to success and how you don't need to be the best at everything.

Assessing Mahatma Gandi’s Quote “Losing Yourself In The Service Of Others”

When we shift the focus from self to others, we open up the possibility to make a real difference in the life of another, it doesn't matter what our profession is.

The Continuous Rising Star: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Passion and a love of one’s craft is often credited as being a central conduit to creative success, which is true even with respect to Lin Manuel Miranda's career

Good Will Hunting ‘It’s Not Your Fault’ Scene

Matt Damon and Robin Williams partake in an empowering scene in the Good Will Hunting movie where a psychologist reminds an orphan that "it's not your fault".

Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes Sketchbook Scene – Home,...

This scene has the apes arguing on what to do with a sketchbook dropped by humans and Caesar reminds them about home, family, and future.

Amy Poehler Quotes: The Importance of Having Layers to Remove any...

Amy Poehler is funny and talented, but she also has so much depth, love, and wisdom to give which we can learn and understand from her most profound quotes.