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The Shakespearean Model For Success

The Shakespearean model is based around creating something has never been, weird or wacky, beautiful or delicate, however it feels and share that with everyone.

How Many Times Was Chicken Soup For The Soul Rejected?

Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, persevered through an enormous amount of rejections to bring his vision into a real life thing.

Halle Berry Oscar Speech- This Moment Is Bigger Than Me

Halle Berry instantly became a pioneer as she won the Oscar which was a pivotal moment in history as she was the first woman of color to win the award.

James Franco At The Strand-Advice For Actors

James Franco gives his thoughts and advice for aspiring actors and anyone chasing dreams about the control you have of how hard you work versus how things turn out.

Colson Whitehead, Take the Gamble, and Let Your Voice be Heard

To be a novelist is to be a gambler. Even if your work is published, it could be poorly reviewed. One writer who faced these struggles is Colson Whitehead.

Inside The Mind Of Freddie Mercury ‘Interview’

Queen's Freddie Mercury shares his thoughts on being different, being fearless, and his unique inner confidence in this exclusive interview.

Jane Fonda On Finding Her Focus

Actress Jane Fonda talks about the big moment that changed her life; a validation from someone that believed in her who told her she had talent.

Kanye West’s Inspiring Grammy Speech About Seizing The Moment

Kanye West gives another great speech about being an opportunist with time and not wasting it talking about "the good old days".