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Lydia Ko Embraces Living In The Moment as a Professional Golfer

Despite all her early success, Lydia Ko has learned to embrace every moment and treat every day as a learning opportunity, growing both as person and as a golfer.

A Story About Heru And How He Discovered A True Power...

Heru, who had his legs amputated, overcame societal struggles via focusing inwardly and self-love. He earned a degree and is the star in a movie about his life.

Rio Olympics – Inspired By Greatness

A commercial that features different athletes discussing their stories, the aches and pains that come with dreams, and their recipes for achieving greatness.

JRR Tolkien – The Inertia of a Curious Life

JRR Tolkien shows us that one can live a life full of joy and connection with romance and family, and still produce works of creativity that change the world.

Being The Best: John Elway’s Motivational Speech On Football & Business

John Elway gives some very practical advice that he learned from his athletic career about striving for being the best and making quick adjustments when necessary.

Kendrick Lamar And Rick Rubin Have an Epic Conversation About The...

GQ conducted an interview between Hip Hop king Kendrick Lamar and legendary producer Rick Ruben and the result was an enlightening outcome. Kendrick discussed...

Dan Green: Will You Fight Or Will You Lie Down?

Winning attitudes and losing attitudes are separated by the smallest of margins. Winners finish strong. Losers quit or make excuses.

Beyoncé Talks About Sacrifices, Hard Work and Being Who You Are

This video compilation is about Beyoncé and her speaking about several aspects of her success - goals, passion, balance, sacrifice, work ethic and being yourself.