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Jim Carrey’s Speech On How His Father Inspired Him To Follow...

Jim Carrey continues to shake up the universe and remind us to live in the now, make choices out of love instead of fear, and...

Satirical Writer Kurt Vonnegut’s Near Death Experience Shaped His Greatest Work

Here are 20 quotes from Kurt Vonnegut to inspire writers, artists, scientists and humanists alike to allow the bumps be a sort of road map for the journey

Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Her Main Keys To Success

Jennifer Lopez sat down with EZebis to conduct a rare interview about woman entrepreneurship and diversity all while revealing her keys to success.

Jane Fonda On Finding Her Focus

Actress Jane Fonda talks about the big moment that changed her life; a validation from someone that believed in her who told her she had talent.

Richard Branson On Learning From Failures

The owner of the Virgin empire, Richard Branson , sat with marketing guru Seth Godin to discuss the failures associated with entrepreneurship.

Russell Westbrook’s Philosophy: Why Not?

In this post game interview, Russell Westbrook shares his thoughts of having a limitless mindset and stretching his own perception of what he believes is possible.

Abby Elliott Left SNL Because It Wasn’t “Exactly” What She Wanted...

Abby Elliott reveals why she left Saturday Night Live after 4 seasons. She was only 21 when she got the opportunity to work for the Emmy award winning comedy show.

Snoop Dogg – Secrets To Success (VYBO)

VYBO (Visualize Yourself Beyond Ordinary) created this video of combined clips of Snoop Dogg giving profound success secrets, advice and wisdom. A must watch.