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Rewire Your Mind

This section of the road map helps the user eliminate limited beliefs

Denzel Washington On The Actors: You Attract What You Feel

Denzel Washington talks about the law of attraction, how we attract anything that's dominant in our thoughts, what we feel, and who we are,

Rick Ross Samples Napoleon Hill In Rich Is Gangster Video

One may come to believe Ross' whole album was inspired by Nap Hill's book the Law of Success Chapter 1 "The Concept of the Mastermind." Although this video for the hit song Rich is Gangsta by Rick Ross is not the official video, it’s almost a perfect video to help one visualize a rich lifestyle, while having Napoleon Hill talking about the Mastermind Group, a chapter stressed upon in his best-selling book (which became a major staple in the personal development industry) The Law of Success. Hence, MMG (Maybach Music Group) calls the video Rich is Gangsta “visualization” reel.

Magic Johnson: Dream It Before You Become It

You have to dream it before you become it! Magic Johnson would visualize and dream about being the CEO when working as an office cleaner as a 16 year old kid

Wiz Khalifa Inspiring Interview with CNN

Wiz Khalifa gives an inspiring talk on how he became successful, as he states he always envisioned himself being successful, and how he became known as "Young Wiz" for being wise beyond his years.

Yoda: “Do Or Do Not There Is No Try” Scene

The epic scene from Star Wars' philosophical character Yoda has become a motivational catch phrase for the past 30 years from a galaxy far, far away. It's been stamped on every poster, tweeted millions of times over, and printed on countless t-shirts, yet the message remains as powerful as always!

Joe Rogan : What Is Reality?

An exceptional narration by zestful Joe Rogan combined with artsy colorful video cuts from space and nature. If you haven't seen the video yet, be prepared to be blown away and your mind opened wide to the infiniteness of possibilities both in the universe and within you!

Lion King Scene: Rafiki On The Past Can Hurt

Rafiki from the Lion King is wise beyond years; In this scene, he explains how the past can hurt, but you can either run from it, or, learn from it.

Mark Wahlberg On Overcoming Obstacles

Mark Wahlberg narrows in on his 360 turnaround from being a rebellious outlaw who stole cars, got into brawls and did cocaine to becoming one of Hollwood's biggest A list stars. He touches on his faith, on working hard and making sure he proved himself through his actions rather than his words.