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Rewire Your Mind

This section of the road map helps the user eliminate limited beliefs

South Park Creators Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and How Their Artistic...

The duo’s hard work and willingness to stand behind their artistic vision has garnered critical and commercial success with South park and all other endeavors.

A David Hume Quote About The Attainment Of Happiness

How is it the elusive search for happiness continues to escape the vast majority of humanity?

What We Really Need To Know About Planning, Preparing, And Expecting...

If we were indeed born to win, does someone else have to lose? Or, is it truly possible to create win/win opportunities in business and competition?

Forget What You Know By Jacob Barnett

Jacob Barnett, who was diagnosed with autism at age 2 gives this speech about being unorthodox in the way we learn, and experimenting with the way things already are.

Adam Curtis’ True Or False Question In The Age Of Information

Adam Curtis challenges our sources for information and how it's our responsibility to question what is being offered by the news, governments, or social media.

Will Smith on the Anticipation of Fear

Will Smith speaks about the anticipation of fear, how senseless that anticipation is, and the resulting bliss that occurs once you face your fears....

The Coppola Family Dynasty And What We Can learn From Them...

The Coppola's are a multi-generational dynasty of talented and influential artists who did not rely on one another, instead listened to their own inner voices.

Van Damme Defying The Laws of Physics in Unbelievable Volvo Ad:

This Volvo Truck ad is inspirational in an indescribable way, Jean Claude Van Damme calls it the “the most epic splits” ever. The video...