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Rewire Your Mind

This section of the road map helps the user eliminate limited beliefs

Charlie Kaufman’s Awakening BAFTA Speech Is Opening People’s Minds

Director Charlie Kaufman will open your eyes about our false form of reality created by brands and he encourages us to not sell our authentic selves subconsciously

Wiz Khalifa Inspiring Interview with CNN

Wiz Khalifa gives an inspiring talk on how he became successful, as he states he always envisioned himself being successful, and how he became known as "Young Wiz" for being wise beyond his years.

Hans Zimmer – Break Rules To Move Forward

This trailer for Masterclass features famous composer Hans Zimmer as he breaks down the creative process.

Muhammad Ali “Life Is Really Short”

Muhammad Ali breaks down the crucial aspect and limitations of time and how we really don't have much of it at all so we really should put it to absolute good use.

What We Really Need To Know About Planning, Preparing, And Expecting...

If we were indeed born to win, does someone else have to lose? Or, is it truly possible to create win/win opportunities in business and competition?

Rapper Logic Talks Law of Attraction And Goal-Setting

As hip hop artist Logic is rapidly making a major name for himself with hit songs such as "Welcome to Forever" he's quickly becoming a name in regular hip-hop conversation. One can only wonder how he's made a name for himself, this video gives some insight on how he states he's achieving his dream, and made his first million (which was before he was even signed). In this vid, Logic talks with Steve Lobel about how he believes the Law of Attraction is everything, and how he used to envision being with some of the people he's around now. He also talks about how he sets his dreams into goals, and that everytime he achieves one goal, he sets 10 more, because even though he's humbled, and enthusiastic for achieving one goal, he knows to keep growing its a continuous goal-setting process.

Will Smith’s Remarkable Acceptance Speech About Self Worth & Being Limitless

Never short of inspiration, Will Smith gives another truly remarkable story about 'holding our heads high' and knowing from within, that we can do anything.

Kevin Bacon Admits He Never Had A Plan “B”

Actor Kevin Bacon talks with Off Camera about his no plan "b" mentality and how he had such an extreme definiteness of purpose.