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This section of the road map helps the user eliminate limited beliefs

Bill Gates Loved School And Learning Despite Being A Dropout From...

In a warm and fun interview Bill Gates answered questions about his love life, spending habits, and the irony in that he loved school despite being a dropout.

Jeremy Bloom: Being Obsessed With Winning Creates The Opposite Effect

Entrepreneur, Olympian, Gold medalist skier and NFL player Jeremy Bloom shares his view of success which he claims has evolved tremendously over the years.

Kevin Bacon Admits He Never Had A Plan “B”

Actor Kevin Bacon talks with Off Camera about his no plan "b" mentality and how he had such an extreme definiteness of purpose.

The Importance Of Developing Our Ability to Really Hear What We...

The most important person to listen to is oneself, and our most important task is to develop an ear that can really hear what we are saying.

What Stavros Niarchos Can Teach Us About Re-framing and Seizing Opportunity

Stavros Niarchos was a shipping magnate who focused on reframing around difficult circumstances rather than letting discouragement "sink" his ambitious motives.

Unleash Your Inner Rock God: Gene Simmons Talks Success And Education...

In this interview by FOX News, Gene Simmons talks about his new book, Me, Inc. A guide to building an army of one, unleashing your inner ROCK GOD, and how to win in life and business.

Big Sean Talks Law of Attraction & Books He’s Read

Big Sean talks about how he's spiritual, believes in the law of attraction, and has had a life coach to help him be successful.

Meditation for Newbies: 10 Tips For Mastering Your Mind

Meditation helps you be more productive, less anxious, more focused, less worried about minutiae, see the bigger picture, feel more happy, and form great habits.