Love Yourself

This section of the road map helps the user become more self-confident and learn to be more comfortable with themself

Kate Winslet’s Empowering BAFTA Speech – Don’t Doubt Yourself

Kate Winslet wins a BAFTA award and users her time effectively to empower young women to never doubt themselves or listen to others but to just go for it.

Mariah Carey Explains How She Learned To Believe In Herself Early...

The legend, Mariah Carey unpacks how her Mother taught her the about positive affirmations, being optimistic and creating good beliefs about oneself.

Beyoncé On Finding Balance Between Work And Personal Life

Beyoncé gives her answer about how she finds her life balance in an interview with Oprah.

Man Of Steel – You Are Different – Superman

Scenes from Man Of Steel combined with a speech by Forever Motivation that reminds us to rewire our brains with self-worthiness and self-love.

Gabrielle Union “I Basically Hit Rock bottom”

Gabrielle Union discusses about her short comings and hitting "rock bottom" in her life. She goes on to talk about how she wasn't really...

Dave Grohl’s Acceptance Speech At The Grammy’s

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters delivers an encouraging message about not striving for perfection but instead doing exactly what's in our hearts and in our minds.

How Kesha Used Expression to Capture Authentic and Raw Emotion into...

Kesha's sense of hope derives from her own strength and her ability to pick herself back up through traumatic experiences. She used music as a coping mechanism.

Chris Evans Is A Real Life Super Hero Who Accepts His...

Chris Evans, who seems like his life is perfect, sends an important message that it's okay to be scared but it's not okay to be scared away.