Love Yourself

This section of the road map helps the user become more self-confident and learn to be more comfortable with themself

Becoming: Nas’ Purpose To Inspire

Nas tells Intel Becoming that he has always wanted to be a role model by inspiring people by being inspired by others.

Selena Gomez: I Don’t Know How to Be Anything but Myself

Selena Gomez talks about the hardships she encountered on her journey. She was told by a casting director that she wouldn't be able to carry her own show.

Serena Williams Sportsperson Of The Year Speech About Self Belief

Serena Williams gives a profound speech about the perseverance and self belief needed to get through so much failure, hatred, and adversity to capture goals.

G-Eazy On Finding What You Love To Do And Finding Your...

G-Eazy gives a beautiful message about how to enjoy life the most by doing exactly what you love and making it a reality.

Rihanna’s ‘Love Yourself’ Speech

Rihanna gave an empowering message dubbed 'black girls rock' for her award acceptance where she gave advice about loving yourself

Sarah Paulson: Balancing the Personal and Private, and Staying True to...

Sarah Paulson's work doesn’t pigeon hole her personally or professionally and isn't constrained, nor puts any label on herself that could restrict her freedom.

Kanye West on Self-Belief

Kanye West talks about having high self-esteem, believing in yourself, and how the perception of yourself impacts your success. He says Kanye West fans are not fans of him, but are fans of themselves.

Jared Leto – Owning Yourself

Jared Leto speaks about owning yourself by being as different as you want to be and even though it can be lonely at times you every right to be you.