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Pursuit Of Happyness: You Want Something, Go Get It.

Will Smith, acting as Chris Gardner, in the Pursuit of happiness brings a revolutionary speech that we will never forget! At times, Will is just as much of a motivational speaker as he is an actor! In this scene, he gives his son and us the lesson of a lifetime!

Dr. Dre: Art of Rap Interview

Rapper, producer and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics, Dr. Dre, gives a lesson for producers and anyone in search of their destiny. His advice is as real as it gets, giving a strong glimpse into the mind of one of Hip Hop's most successful. Its very clear that Dr Dre is more passionate about making music then he is about money, as he claims "the money's gonna come".

Ray Lewis Madden 2013 Speech

Mr. Motivation, Ray Lewis delivering one of his most impactful speeches in the EA Sports video game intro. He explains that he's always been told that he's too small, he's not big enough, he's not fast enough, and that he doesn't have what it takes. Ray Lewis also states that "to be the best and stay there, sweat is necessary."

Warren Buffett: “Find Your Passion”

Warren Buffett himself says boldly, the secret to success, "find your passion." check out the video

Jim Carrey’s Speech On How His Father Inspired Him To Follow...

Jim Carrey continues to shake up the universe and remind us to live in the now, make choices out of love instead of fear, and...

Bryan Cranston’s Moving Emmy Speech

The Breaking Bad star took home the Lead Actor Award and definitely the top speech at the Emmy's. A tearful Cranston discussed how much he loves acting and how passionate he is! Being the winner of the award possibly hints some truth to his statement. "Take a chance, take a risk, find that passion, rekindle it, and fall in love all over again, it's really worth it!

Alan Watts: What Do You Desire Video

Alan Watts explains the importance of doing what you desire, and not working for money. "What makes you itch? What would you do if money were no object?" What do you want to do?"

Sidney Crosby Tim Hortons Commercial: Doing Something You Love

At FeelingSuccess we believe passion is one of the most common traits among the successful, and is often the least taught thing in the personal growth industry. Here's an amazing clip where NHL superstar Sidney Crosby re-affirms our belief in passion where a young Crosby (around 14 years old) says: "Wouldn't it be amazing? Getting up everyday and playing, doing something that you love to do" - Sidney Crosby