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This section of the road map helps the user find what they love

Cristiano Ronaldo: Its Not About the Money, Its About the Passion

Cristiano Ronaldo, now a four-time Champions League winner, speaks on his love for the game of football, his relentless hunger to achieve more and...

Irv Gotti: Secret To Success In 5 Minutes

Irv Gotti, one of hip-hops most successful producers gives some words of wisdom to the youth.

Miracle Speech: You Were Born For This

The empowering speech from the movie Miracle where head coach Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell) motivates his team USA and reminds them "you Were Born For This."

Rihanna – Do It For The Love Of It

Rihanna shares some of her personal success secrets from being passionate, hard work, and not having extreme expectations but rather flowing with what comes next.

Mark Zuckerberg 2017 Harvard Commencement Speech On Finding Purpose

Facebook CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg addressed the Harvard graduates of 2017 with a remarkable and eye opening commencement speech about finding purpose.

Gurbaksh Chahal: If Money Is The Goal, You Won’t Achieve It

Gurbaksh Chahal, a man who made millions by 18, explains to Elite Daily how you have to be able to take so many lows to achieve one or two highs. Money can not be the goal, greed can not be in the picture. He gives examples of Steve Jobs, and how failure and fear can not be apart of your mentality.

Mel Blanc: How One Man’s Love of Cartoons Literally Saved his...

Mel Blanc was the man with many voices such as Bugs Bunny, and those same voices stored in the recesses of Blanc’s mind literally brought him back to life.

Gloria Estefan Speech About Finding What Truly Makes Us Happy

Gloria Estefan talks about constantly searching for our purpose and finding something that deeply guides us by being of service to others and connecting with people.