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The Continuous Rising Star: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Passion and a love of one’s craft is often credited as being a central conduit to creative success, which is true even with respect to Lin Manuel Miranda's career

Jazz Saxophonist John Coltrane Was Ahead of his Time and Continues...

Here are 35 John Coltrane quotes to inspire revolution through evolution.

21 Wassily Kandinsky Quotes To Help You Look At The World...

The father of abstract modern art, Kandinsky gave up his career as a law professor to study painting at 30. Here are 21 quotes to awaken to your life's calling.

Patrick Stewart: Art Must Somehow Be Essential To Life

In this speech at the Oxford Union, Stewart tells some compelling tales about an aspiring pianist with fearful parents and a composer in the concentration camps.

Tom Hardy Speech About Doing What You Love And Embracing The...

Tom Hardy gave an impeccable speech about being okay with failure and the learning experience that is associated with humiliation.

Dustin Hoffman’s Mind Blowing Answer For Why He Does What He...

Dustin Hoffman has the greatest answer for a tough question he got asked by a student regarding "why he does what he does".

How Ridley Scott Transformed his Childhood Passion for Film Into Blockbuster...

Film Director Ridley Scott manifested his passions to equal profit on the global scale of film by avoiding distractions and embracing the minutiae.

Pursuit Of Happyness: You Want Something, Go Get It.

Will Smith, acting as Chris Gardner, in the Pursuit of happiness brings a revolutionary speech that we will never forget! At times, Will is just as much of a motivational speaker as he is an actor! In this scene, he gives his son and us the lesson of a lifetime!