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Execute Your Intuition

This section of the road map helps the user become more self disciplined and structure

Gurbaksh Chahal on Being Driven to Succeed

Gurbaksh Chahal stresses the importance of being driven enough to succeed, getting over fears, and more.

TCU Baseball ‘The Grind’

Lacking the energy to get out of bed? This is the perfect motivation for the morning that will get your productivity to sky rocket. The 'Rise and shine' video from TSU Baseball really gets the jets fueled and it was done so well that by the end, all our excuses are invalid.

Lenny Kravitz On Following Through With Goals

In a Master Class episode by Oprah‘s OWN network, Lenny Kravitz discusses how he was inspired by his grandfather to succeed. He explains the most valuable lesson he learned which was the power of following through to achieve your dreams, which, in his words, requires discipline.

The Blind Side “Courage And Honor” Scene

In this inspiring scene from the Blind Side, Michael Oher comes to a clever conclusion on the importance of having both courage and honor.

Beyoncé Talks About Sacrifices, Hard Work and Being Who You Are

This video compilation is about Beyoncé and her speaking about several aspects of her success - goals, passion, balance, sacrifice, work ethic and being yourself.

The Martian Movie Scene “You Just Begin”

Watch Matt Damon in this clip from The Martian give a great speech to NASA students about just beginning, the power of solving problems and accepting certain challenges to move forward.

Muhammad Ali’s Insane Work Ethic

Muhammad Ali had incredible work ethic and mental preparation. His trainer Angelo Dundee was perfect for nurturing Ali and his charismatic & confident nature.

‘All In A Day’s Work’ Dr.Dre & Jimmy Iovine Intro About...

The intro to Dre's All In A Day's Work has Record producer Jimmy Iovine give his spiel about fear and how to overcome it versus letting it get in your way.