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Execute Your Intuition

This section of the road map helps the user become more self disciplined and structure

Lil Wayne & Diddy: Secrets to Success

Here, Diddy & Lil Wayne stress the importance of working hard and just being yourself.

Penny Oleksiak Credits Breaking History To Good Teammates And Hard Work

Penny Oleksiak's recipe for success was keeping her head down and going as hard as possible while having great support from her teammates, friends and family.

Mark Wahlberg – Intensity And Commitment

Mark Wahlberg goes over the importance and relevance of intensity, commitment and pride as he infuses those elements into his entire day to day life.

‘Practice Makes Perfect’ Are Words To Live By To Attract Success...

You can get a feel for Calvin Harris' no B.S. success secrets when you reflect on his quotes about his come up and how he serves the market with what it needs.

Zinedine Zidane: Relentless Practice is the Only Way to Learn

This quote by Zidane shows why his success is result of his outlook on achievement tied with practical goals and his obsessive commitment to his passion.

Tyler Perry: Give Everything To Your One Idea

Multi-Millionaire Director Tyler Perry shares his wisdom about success and sticking to one idea. Make it your priority and place all of your attention and energy to it. Once you are successful at one idea, it will give birth to your other visions.

Breaking Down Donald Douglas’ Quote About Forming A Great Plan

Obstacles are the challenges which arise to validate the nature and direction of our ideas.

Chris Brown “Snipes” Motivational Video About Creativity

This Snipes commercial features Chris Brown as he discredits money and power and explains how life is about creativity and how it turns pain into something beautiful.