Execute Your Intuition

This section of the road map helps the user become more self disciplined and structure

Aaliyah Talks About Her Best Lessons Learned

Aaliyah combines experience, knowledge and wisdom to give her life lessons learned over the years that are extremely important for any endeavour.

Michael J. Fox On Acceptance, Surrendering And Taking Chances

An inspiring speech by Michael J. Fox where he talks about acceptance, surrendering and taking chances with just focusing on doing the next great thing.

Muhammad Ali Motivation – Never Again

A perfect blend of motivating music and clips of Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman. Ali was bold and fearless, from his declarations to how he demanded what he wanted.

A Feeling Success Guide to Applying the No More Zero Days...

Everyone is different, there is no shame in your game either way, but knowing more about yourself can help you match objectives with measurable tasks.

Catch Me If You Can – Two Little Mice

Christopher Walken's speech from Catch Me If You Can where he tells a tale about 2 mice who fell into a bucket of cream.

Ray Lewis ‘Effort’ Motivation Speech

One of the most chill giving epic speeches of all time. A very rare pep talk from Ray Lewis, aka Mr Motivation, on the power of effort and how it is truly the most important asset to accomplishing anything!

Beyoncé Talks About Sacrifices, Hard Work and Being Who You Are

This video compilation is about Beyoncé and her speaking about several aspects of her success - goals, passion, balance, sacrifice, work ethic and being yourself.