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Overcome Adversity

This section of the road map helps the user persevere through life struggles

The Very Inspiring Hilary Swank Best Actress Speech

After winning her 1st of 2nd Best Actress Oscar Award in the year 2000, Hillary Swank gave a pretty remarkable acceptance speech. She gave...

Lady In The Water Scene – The Healing

A magical climax scene where Paul Giamatti releases his energy by venting his bottled emotions to heal the lady in the water.

John Cena: Never Give Up!

It's a rare spectacle to see a motivating speech as the outcome in the world wrestling entertainment, however, John Cena, who is often known for his 'never give up' persona as the man who fights until his last breath, delivered a pretty epic one. He encouraged the younger audience to endure failure and get right back up with any setbacks.

The Eminem ‘Before He Was Famous’ Story

Find out the come-up story of Veteran Eminem and some of the struggles and obstacles he overcame before taking the throne.

Michael Jordan’s ‘Maybe It’s My Fault’ Commercial

Michael Jordan's commercial is powerful and insightful breaking down every excuse in the book and claiming them all to be invalid. The NBA legend himself narrates this motivating commercial, stating that making excuses is easier than blaming ourselves. He clearly knows a thing or do about how to succeed, and cutting our excuses is the focal point of his ad.

Andy Murray’s Success is an Inclination, Not An Overnight Success

Andy Murray lost countless grand slams before reaching Wimbledon, and took each loss as a lesson to reflect upon his mistakes and progress forward.

Tom Hardy’s Unknown Inspiring Story

This come up story of Tom Hardy will be beacon of hope for your life to show you that the darkest stories can reach the brightest lights.

How Dwayne Johnson Found Success In Failures

Dwayne Johnson talks about how he got cut from the NFL, was overwhelmed with depression and had only 7$ in his pocket having to move back in with his parents.