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Overcome Adversity

This section of the road map helps the user persevere through life struggles

J.K. Rowling: The Importance Of Failure and Imagination 

Find out how J.K. Rowling used her imagination to fit her fantasy world, and the Wizarding world, into the real world to create the magical Harry Potter dynasty.

Dave Navarro Talks About Overcoming His Fears

Dave Navaro speaks about his big gut check moment, learning to be fearless, drugs and addiction, his mother being murdered and contemplating suicide.

Lady In The Water Scene – The Healing

A magical climax scene where Paul Giamatti releases his energy by venting his bottled emotions to heal the lady in the water.

Orlando Bloom Found His Life’s Calling By Overcoming Dyslexia

Bloom sees his dyslexia as a blessing rather than a hindrance and serves as a spokesperson for the dyslexic community, inspiring others to pursue their dreams too!

Viola Davis Speech About Diversity and Opportunity

Viola Davis gives this compelling speech about colored women stretching past the limits and opportunity they have been constrained within.

The Very Inspiring Hilary Swank Best Actress Speech

After winning her 1st of 2nd Best Actress Oscar Award in the year 2000, Hillary Swank gave a pretty remarkable acceptance speech. She gave...

Benedict Cumberbatch On Playing Alan Turing in The Imitation Game

Cumberbacth gave an inspiring speech about gay scientist Alan Turing's legacy and the adverse journey he overcame to make major breakthrough's in WWII.

Ben Affleck’s Inspiring Oscar Speech ‘You Gotta Get Up’

Ben Affleck's empowering Oscar speech after winning best actor for Argo where he reminds people that you gotta get back up when life inevitably knocks you down.