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Overcome Adversity

This section of the road map helps the user persevere through life struggles

Bell Hooks : The Process of Freedom from Oppression

There are probably few if any who would say that oppression is a good thing, but according to Bell Hooks, there may be another way to look at it.

Denzel Washington – Ease Is A Greater Threat Than Hardships

Denzel Washington delivers this incredible speech about how hardship is a greater friend than ease ever will be.

Logic’s Story Teaches Us That Our Dark Times Can Be Used...

Logic is a great example of an artist with a message. Rather than let the darkness in his life weigh him down, he used negativity to create something positive.

Unexpected – Ray Lewis Speech At TEDxYouth

Ray Lewis tells us how the greatest glory comes after we go through tremendous pain. He shares personal stories of how he turned pain into victory.

Steve Smith Shares Some Motivational Words About Not Making Excuses

WR shares a quick story about his journey and the important lessons he learned from his parents about working hard and never making excuses, no matter what.

Jane’s Addiction: The Pioneers and the Face of the Alternative Rock...

Jane’s Addiction were the foundation that offered a platform for the underground music scene, because they thankfully believed in their unique unconventional sound.

Lessons from The Tramp: The Rebel of Modernity

Charlie Chaplin’s character “The Tramp” was a social and political figure. His rejection of modernity and the internalization of the machine made him into a powerful figure of hope.

Top 10 Keri Russell Quotes That Showcase The Power of Transformation

We need to break free from our past that no longer defines us, and chart new territory. These Keri Russell quotes will help us open our minds to new directions.