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Overcome Adversity

This section of the road map helps the user persevere through life struggles

4 Powerful Quotes To Grow Bigger Than Your Situations

Words of wisdom and compassion to help you to recover and gain strength for when life really is terrible.

Denzel Washington – Ease Is A Greater Threat Than Hardships

Denzel Washington delivers this incredible speech about how hardship is a greater friend than ease ever will be.

Michael J. Fox On Staying Positive Through Parkinson’s

Michael J. Fox discusses how positive thinking and changing his perspectives has really changed his entire outlook on life.

When Desmond Doss’ Courage Was Mistaken For Weakness

Desmond Doss' story runs deeper than the lives he saved, it’s a story about strength and an unapologetic need to be himself.

Kendrick Lamar Talks To Ellen About Being Honored With ‘The Generational...

After performing "These Wall's" on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Kendrick Lamar discussed the honor he felt in receiving the Generational Icon Award.

Billie Holiday – Transforming Tribulations into the Beautiful

Billie Holiday's life was an ebb and flow between success and difficulty. She took her pain and sorrow and created joy out of it by singing it to others.

Why Jennifer Lawrence Never Considered Failure

In this quick interview actress Jennifer Lawrence breaks down how she never accepts failure as an option!

Michelle Obama’s Final Speech: Hope. Never Fear!

Michelle Obama gave her final words to the nation and she was nothing shy of her usual empowering self.