Overcome Adversity

This section of the road map helps the user persevere through life struggles

How Ryan Reynolds Used His Insecurities to Propel Himself to Stardom

The reason Ryan Reynolds could accomplish so much is because he was unwilling to succumb to mediocrity. He used his insecurities as a tool to use in acting.

Howard Schultz: Don’t Just Embrace Adversity, Be Thankful For It

Starbucks chairman, Howard Schultz shows us that although adversity is necessary predicate of the human condition, failure is not.

Lights: On Persevering in the Music Business While Evolving as an...

Pop music is an art, and its purpose exists beyond commerce, and stars like Lights aren’t contrived personas, but architects of their own creation.

Top 10 Keri Russell Quotes That Showcase The Power of Transformation

We need to break free from our past that no longer defines us, and chart new territory. These Keri Russell quotes will help us open our minds to new directions.

R.I.P Chris Cornell: Expressing Music To Heal Others

Cornell speaks about how his most powerful work came from a dark place in his life, and how he views and listens to those songs because they remind him of triumph.

The Famous Failures

Everyone loves to praise the successful, but frown upon the failures. Failing, when refusing to give up, is a clear indication that success is en route. This extremely popular video, for right reason, really narrows in on some of the greatest successes and showcases how they've truly endured failure, some of them failed over and over again....

J Cole On Life, Struggle & Success

Accomplishing dreams through struggle and sacrifice are the main focal points from this interview with J.Cole where he gives many glimpses of his own...

Kevin Costner’s McFarland Speech

  In this inspiring scene, Kevin Costner (the track team of McFarland's coach, Mr White) tells a harsh truth, that most people will never know...