Overcome Adversity

This section of the road map helps the user persevere through life struggles

Kevin Costner’s McFarland Speech

  In this inspiring scene, Kevin Costner (the track team of McFarland's coach, Mr White) tells a harsh truth, that most people will never know...

Kevin Spacey – Not Weird, Unique

Actor Kevin Spacey speaks up about his story growing up and how he was the victim of bullying but thankfully he had friends who empowered him to be different.

Wayne Dyer: Flowers Arise From Dirt and Rise Above All Odds

Remaining still, accepting defeat, embracing aloofness, and welcoming depressive thinking and emotions hinders the true human spirit and purpose.

‘Joy’ Movie Scenes – Never Give Up

These inspiring scenes from the movie Joy show us the resilience and perseverance of what it takes to create opportunity and achieve our goals as entrepreneurs.

Fetty Wap’s Two-Year Overnight Success Interview With Forbes

Fetty Wap discusses with Forbes how his hit track Trap Queen was no where near an overnight success.

Satirical Writer Kurt Vonnegut’s Near Death Experience Shaped His Greatest Work

Here are 20 quotes from Kurt Vonnegut to inspire writers, artists, scientists and humanists alike to allow the bumps be a sort of road map for the journey

Three Important Lessons on Dealing With Mental Health From Demi Lovato

This week marks the return of Demi Lovato with her six studio album “Tell Me You Love Me”. But with the launch of her...

How Robert Desnos’s Story Can Bring Light to Our Darkest Times

Desnos shows us that through dark times imagination will aid us in cathartic ways, and also help us to help others to stay strong, supportive and optimistic.