Overcome Adversity

This section of the road map helps the user persevere through life struggles

Investigative Journalist I.F. Stone Found Success by Creating Opportunity after Being...

These 10 quotes by the non-conforming journalist I.F. Stone are sure to inspire honesty, integrity and independence along with reminding you to have guts.

R.I.P Chris Cornell: Expressing Music To Heal Others

Cornell speaks about how his most powerful work came from a dark place in his life, and how he views and listens to those songs because they remind him of triumph.

John Legend: Success Through Effort

Musician John Legend speaks with Khan Academy about his personal success and how he persevered through a ton of rejection. He believes that talent is overrated and that mastery and being tenacious is the real kicker to get you where you aspire to go.

Benedict Cumberbatch On Playing Alan Turing in The Imitation Game

Cumberbacth gave an inspiring speech about gay scientist Alan Turing's legacy and the adverse journey he overcame to make major breakthrough's in WWII.

Becoming: Chris Evans On Recharging, Rejection And Living In The Moment

Chris Evans shares his story about how he got involved with his craft. He initially was aiming for art school before he got intrigued...

Becoming: Wale – Part 1

Wale gives this epic interview with Intel Becoming to give his feedback on his journey to the limelight. He enjoys success but despises fame....

Tyra Banks Gives Advice On Getting Knocked Down

Tyra Banks shares advice about the magic of getting back up when doors are shut and the importance of knowing exactly why you want to do something.