Overcome Adversity

This section of the road map helps the user persevere through life struggles

Lizzie Velasquez – How Do You Define Yourself?

This super empower speech at TedTalks by motivational speaker and author Lizzie Velasquez will totally change your perspective on things.

Lady Gaga: Forget All Of Your Insecurities

This intense speech features Lady Gaga empowering her audience by telling them to never let anyone talk you out of your dreams.

Coach Carter – A Better Life

This inspiring Coach Carter scene features Samuel L. Jackson as he tells the basketball team the statistics of what it takes to succeed in Richmond and the tool for a better life.

When Desmond Doss’ Courage Was Mistaken For Weakness

Desmond Doss' story runs deeper than the lives he saved, it’s a story about strength and an unapologetic need to be himself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Inspiring Story (Video)

ESPN Films presents the short story of how Arnold Schwarzenegger became a major champion in life by not listening to the words "no" & "you can't." Arnold Schwarzenegger explains how he became successful. A story full facing adversity, going against the odds, drowning out the outer voices who all told him he was living in a "dream world," visualizing, and staying focused on going to America, becoming a bodybuilding champion and making millions.

Unexpected – Ray Lewis Speech At TEDxYouth

Ray Lewis tells us how the greatest glory comes after we go through tremendous pain. He shares personal stories of how he turned pain into victory.

Akon Talks About His 10 Year Career Plan And His Struggles

Akon's exclusive interview where he shares his 10 year game plan where he was aiming extremely high, some of the struggles he endured and destiny.

Satirical Writer Kurt Vonnegut’s Near Death Experience Shaped His Greatest Work

Here are 20 quotes from Kurt Vonnegut to inspire writers, artists, scientists and humanists alike to allow the bumps be a sort of road map for the journey