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This section of the road map helps the understand more about themself

MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) Inspires Fan To Walk For The First...

MGK Machine Gun Kelly inspires a fan to walk out of his wheel chair for the first time. This video is awe-inspiring, showing us the power not only of music, but of how humans can inspire one another in incomprehensible ways!

Russell Simmons: Success Through Stillness

Russell Simmons shares advice on meditation and guides people in this exclusive google interview to use stillness as a powerful tool to access their potential.

A Henry Van Dyke Quote About The Importance Of Gratitude

With gratitude, we can accomplish unimaginable things, it literally unlocks the storehouse of possibilities.

Michael Phelps – It’s What You Do In The Dark

This Under Armour commercial revolves around Michael Phelps as he trains for his last Olympics. Legacies are built over a lifetime of goals.

The Rounders ‘Destiny Chooses Us’ Movie Clip

The professor tells an anecdote to Matt Damon about following one's destiny in life reflecting on his own personal choices of becoming a lawyer versus a Rabbi. This speech from professor to student helps Damon realize his calling, "We can't run from who we are, our destiny chooses us."

Illusion of Control Kung Fu Panda Scene

My friend, the panda will never fulfill his destiny, nor you yours until you let go of the illusion of control. Illusion? Yes. Look at this tree, I cannot make it blossom when it suits me nor make it bear fruit before its time.

Noah’s Movie Scene Speech About Creation And The Power Of Choice

One of the main scenes from the film Noah where Russell Crowe tells his family a story about the creation sequence of evolution and life and the power of choice.

Arianna Huffington’s USM Commencement Speech About Hidden Blessings

Entrepreneur and Author Arianna Huffington gave an eye opening speech at the commencement for USM where she spoke about hidden blessings and the tipping point.