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Top 10 Quotes: How Charles Dickens Found Success Through Bad Experiences

Dickens’ life reaffirmed specific notions about success. He illustrated how bad situations and early struggles in life can later manifest into something great.

Blood Diamond – A Good Boy

A touching moment from Blood Diamond in the jungle scene where a father (Solomon Vandy) speaks to his son and reminds him of how he was a good boy.

Two Inner Principles That Demonstrate How Racing Legend Mario Andretti Achieved...

Andretti has maintained his edge by pushing the limits of both his vehicles and his mind. This is how he maintains his edge, because he is willing to push the limit.

The Wonder of Werner Herzog

Filmmaker and unconventional provocateur Werner Herzog doesn't limit himself to one medium; He directs film and TV, is a producer, voice actor, teacher and author.

What It Means To Be An Entrepreneur

If you have the ability to take risks, explore your creativity and you have a vision, you can join a community that is changing the world every day.

Princess Diana: Women Can Grow and Prosper

The strength a mother, wife, sister and daughter has is put on display every day. We've come a long way from the time when...

Fight Club Scene – Speech About Modern Life

This is the famous Fight Club scene where Tyler Durden gives an eye opening speech about being the middle children of history where we're fighting a spiritual war.

Jane Fonda On Finding Her Focus

Actress Jane Fonda talks about the big moment that changed her life; a validation from someone that believed in her who told her she had talent.