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This section of the road map helps the user think about more than just themselves and what they can offer to the world

The ‘A Beautiful Mind’ Speech Will Change Your View Of The...

Russell Crowe as John Nash, delivers the final end speech in A Beautiful Mind where he redefines logic and reasoning as something that is the result of love.

Alicia Keys’ Emotional 2016 Speech

Alicia Keys gave an incredible speech about love, breaking the walls down and keeping ourselves locked in at the 2016 Music Video Awards.

Pay It Forward ‘Trevor’s Interview Scene’

This end scene from the year 2000 film Pay It Forward is a great reminder of the importance of overcoming fear and forcing ourselves to change.

A Warren Buffett & Bill Gates Speech On Success

Two enormously successful men, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, share some powerful feedback of the journeys they have embarked on.

Blood Diamond Epilogue – Solomon Vandy

An awesome ending to an awesome film, Solomon Vandy receives a standing ovation as he walks to the Speaker's post.

A Christopher Reeve Oscar Speech About Films Tackling Social Issues

Superman star Christopher Reeve presented an award at the 1996 Oscars where he spoke about Hollywood shining light and awareness about social issues.

How Chris Rock’s Heroes Changed His World, Literally

Chris Rock's influential interview has him speak about inequalities colored people face, his heroes and what moment allowed him to believe he could be a comedian.

Salma Hayek’s Very Powerful Message To Hollywood

Salma Hayek talks about closing the gender gap and redefining exactly who we really rather than trying to fit in and the power of women coming together.