Create Impact

This section of the road map helps the user think about more than just themselves and what they can offer to the world

A Simple Yet Brilliant Idea To Let People Know They Are...

Wendy Williams Watt is an entrepreneur with a bold mission to impact and remind people everywhere that they are loved.

Yeonmi Park; A Voice For The Voiceless

Yeonmi Park’s experiences both growing up in and escaping her home country are a testament to the strength and spirit that lies within each and every one of us.

Scarlett Johansson: Don’t Give Up Your Power

Scarlett Johansson urges the audience to volunteer, work from the ground up, donate to causes, and to never let the feelings of hopelessness make you complacent.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Women are Taught Differently

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on some of the double standards women still face. ????????????

Self-Taught Nuclear Scientist Taylor Wilson Who Built Nuclear Reactor At 14...

The amazing story of Taylor Wilson is an inspiration to the amateur in all of us. Taylor is a 22-year-old self-taught applied nuclear physicist.

Matt Damon – MIT Commencement Speech

Matt Damon gave this brilliant and inspiring speech at MIT about us all being lucky to be alive during these great times of change, technology and potential.

Michael Jackson’s Grammy Speech Is The Most Inspiring Ever

Michael Jackson delivered the greatest speech ever where he spread light on changing the world through using our gifts, understanding children and being connected.

Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes Sketchbook Scene – Home,...

This scene has the apes arguing on what to do with a sketchbook dropped by humans and Caesar reminds them about home, family, and future.