Create Impact

This section of the road map helps the user think about more than just themselves and what they can offer to the world

Just Do – Benedict Cumberbatch

Feel this passion as it flows through my veins. I will never stop doing what I love and neither should you. Far passed the...

Gina Rodriguez Fights For Her Culture And The Work She Believes...

Gina Rodriguez puts her culture and gender before her acting. Her passion is her culture and creating an accurate and fair representation of ethnicities and genders

Blood Diamond Epilogue – Solomon Vandy

An awesome ending to an awesome film, Solomon Vandy receives a standing ovation as he walks to the Speaker's post.

Crystal Gordon – A Beautiful Soul Amplifying Others Through Plant-Based Detox...

Crystal found her purpose through her own struggle with autoimmune disease and digestive problems. Now she works with clients to empower their mind, body and soul.

Jim Carrey Video: A Better You Means A Better Universe

"Living in this world will always be a game, the object of which, is to create as much goodwill as possible" "The most valuable commodity of life, is the feeling you get when you give" "Compassion is the currency to creating real wealth"

Tomorrowland Last Scene – Find The Ones Who Haven’t Given Up

This is the last scene from Tomorrowland, a Disney sci-fi movie about the future and how it will be a time for innovators, dreamers and those who have a hopeful imagination.

I Will Spark The Brain That Will Change The World –...

Revolutionary rapper Tupac Shakur was always thinking about the bigger picture - changing the world, making a difference and being straight up about the truth.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Thoughts On Love, Humanity and Compassion

This Ted Talks speech features the Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan who shares his wisdom through stories of his upbringing and the country he was born and raised in.