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3 keys to success that led universally influential people to reach their respective greatness.

Dwayne Johnson, Aka, The Rock, took massive action and was eager to find his calling. He studied criminology as his major and played football in the CFL, he then pursued wrestling where he ultimately found his passion for entertainment! He never settled and did not let defeat come his way!
The Great One was always talented in hockey due to his desire for the game and his confident mindset. As a kid, he was so good that other parents would often boo him, but Gretzky did not let the haters get to him, even at that young age. Today, he is considered the greatest player to ever have played hockey, and the #99 jersey will never be worn by another again.
Michael started the Dell empire with $1000.00 and an innovative business idea: to sell directly to the customer, rather than going through a third party to sell his products. Executing this dream led him to becoming one of the wealthiest in the world and a huge helping hand to world causes too.
Sylvester Stallone is known as one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, not only for acting, but directing and writing smashing action-packed films such as the Rocky Series and Rambo. Find out how his sacrifice and ambition were the perfect recipe to reach his success.
A red wardrobe, a pipe, and a mansion full of beautiful women is the regular life of Hugh Hefner. He broke the rules of societal norms and it changed the magazine industry forever. The inspiring facts and keys to success of Hugh Hefner.
Ellen embraces positivity and is an advocate for change. She not only encourages her audience to make positive impacts on the planet but also lives and breathes it herself! She endured many hardships to get to where she is, but she never settled with failure and continuously kept moving forward!
Known as the man with a thousand nicknames, Diddy, Puffy, Sean Combs, whatever you want to call him by, he’s an iconic figure of hiphop. Whether you knew him in the classic days with songs like “Mo Money Mo Problems” or in the new age with songs like “I’m Coming Home” everyone knows Diddy, but what everyone doesn’t know is the traits he has that makes him stand out from the rest.
Larry Page and his business partner, Sergey Brin have been dubbed entrepreneurial geniuses by many for being the brains behind not only the largest search engine, but the largest website on the world wide web. These aren’t no “evil geniuses” though, in fact their slogan is “don’t be evil” but instead they thrive to make the worlds resources readily available to everyone.