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3 keys to success that led universally influential people to reach their respective greatness.

Roger Federer is widely known as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Find out how he battled with a massive temper and overcame constant frustration. And how he surrounded himself with people who supported him and believed in his dream as much as he did!
Pablo Picasso was revolutionary because he continuously reinvented himself. He wasn't fond of rules or being told what to do, rather he believed in his instinctive nudges.
Manny was born in poverty and then his father eloped leaving him as the man of the house. He eventually made a big sacrifice, leaving his mom and home for a better future of being a boxer. Find out how the Pac-man reached the top by risking it all and never giving up...
Lucille Ball is a sitcom legend most known for I Love Lucy. Her road to success was filled with failures and naysayers, however she kept the faith alive and ultimately reached her destination.
Lil Wayne's inspiring story is one of rags to riches. His traits of perseverance, being highly courageous, and finding his gift is what caught the eye of Cash Money and drove him to major stardom. Did you know he also attended the University of Houston and that he has his psychology degree!
How did Magic Johnson acquire the mentality to become an NBA Legend, beat HIV, and even own various businesses? Learn the traits that made him an inspiration to the world
A deep desire for performing: This fan fave has been staying true to himself since a kid, following his instincts, not following the trends, and fighting for what he strongly believes in! Find out HOW Leo became the mega star he is today.
Eminem went through trials and tribulations before becoming one of hip hops most sought after artists. His perseverance and motivation to not give up was what got him there.