Actors / Actresses

The keys to success, and inspirational traits you can learn from Hollywood's A-list actors and actresses.

Tom Cruise is an A-list actor and an outspoken Scientologist who initially set out to become a priest. With a go-getter spirit and a curiosity to find his calling, Cruise set out on a path that saw him go from a priest to a licensed pilot. But it was a wrestling injury that killed his dream of being an athlete that helped him find his real life's purpose.
Completely true to who he is, Depp does not follow the norms and never has, and his fans admire him for it. He has his own tailored style of fedora hats, distinct facial hair, leather vests and tattoo's that no one will understand but him. Johnny Depp loves who he is and what he does, and is a global icon as a result of it.
A breakthrough actress who paved the way for the African American community, being the first black female to win an Oscar, the first in Miss World Pageants and the first successful black model at Revlon. Inspiring an entire generation, Halle Berry set a precedence in the late 80's shaping the way the world viewed 'colored' and made them see the beauty, not just in the physical but in the internal.
Not just a pretty face, but a truly inspiring actor who is humble and ambitious at the same time. He has given back in so many unique ways, and continues to impact the planet. His story is one for the books, making bold moves to get to where he is, and risking everything for his gut wrenching passion. Brad Pitt has done it all and continues to be a positive influence for others! Find out why...
Lucille Ball is a sitcom legend most known for I Love Lucy. Her road to success was filled with failures and naysayers, however she kept the faith alive and ultimately reached her destination.
Bruce Willis' inspiring story consists of beating 3000 actors to get the part, overcoming his stuttering problem, and using his life experiences to propel his career.
With a 'winning' mindset and a very high self worth that's apparent on any show or interview, it's no wonder Charlie Sheen made 2 million an episode. Aside from his bad boy ways, there's a lot to know about his traits that led to his success and fame.
Jay Leno is a comedian, Talk Show Host, and Philanthropist. All this success while being dyslexic and being told by his his high school councilor to just drop out. Here's his secrets to success.