The The keys to success, and inspirational traits you can learn from famous athletes.

One of the best running backs in NFL history, LaDainian Tomlinson had a lot of early childhood lessons which later contributed to his hall of fame success. He had a great supporting cast in a mother who never stopped teaching him the core values of integrity, faith and hard work. And he was so passionate about football that he would sleep with pigskin every night.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the most successful athletes on earth, but the layers upon layers of lessons and obstacles he's faced earn him that throne. He not only faced poverty, but his family members have been hooked on drugs, his father was a dealer who was sent to jail and Mayweather looked up and out the entire time.
NHL's Steven Stamkos was born to play hockey. By age 2, he had stepped on the ice and became hooked to the sport. He has had many idols that have inspired him for greatness and his mentors from childhood to the limelight have brought success at a faster speed. His story...
Maria Sharapova's inspiration only bio and quotes. Find out what traits and decisions she made to become a very successful female tennis player.
Tony Hawk easily the most recognizable and often dubbed as the greatest skateboarder of all time. Hawk recognized his passion for the sport at such a young age, but was tested when skateboarding took a dive, find out the mentality he had that led him to persevere.
Female snowboard legend, Gretchen Bleiler had found her calling at age 11 and was hooked ever since. She won Olympic Medals and created her own companies - all from doing what she loved.
Believe it or not, this iconic football quarterback had the choice, to either be drafted to the Montreal Expos and play in the MLB, or, pursue his passion and play college football in Michigan. His bold decision not only changed his life, but would soon change NFL history. His story is highly motivating, as he faced many struggles to give him mental strength....
Mario Lemieux is considered by many people including many prior NHL hockey legends as one of the best to ever play the game. He is a huge inspiration as he overcame cancer, and persevered through several injuries throughout his career.