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The The keys to success, and inspirational traits you can learn from famous athletes.

Find out how a garbage man and a true science nerd at heart who almost considered a career as a palaeontologist became the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Georges St-Pierre had the mental preparation and mastered his art to perfection, find out how he did it, and what he believes was the key ingredients to success in the Octagon.
The Greatest, The Champ, The Louisville Lip, Muhammad Ali is considered one of the most iconic and enthusiastic boxers in history. Ever curious as to how he became one of the most recognizable names in sports, and what beliefs led him to be 'The Greatest'? Find out what key traits made this wise boxer so legendary...
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the most successful athletes on earth, but the layers upon layers of lessons and obstacles he's faced earn him that throne. He not only faced poverty, but his family members have been hooked on drugs, his father was a dealer who was sent to jail and Mayweather looked up and out the entire time.
Arguably the most successful athlete ever, Tiger Woods was destined to be a golfer. Passion, mental focus and one of the most confident believers in himself and his skills! He not only watched motivational videos and subliminal tapes to tap his subconscious as a kid, but he is also a practicing Buddhist who gives him the focus of a monk and the confidence of a king.
Kobe Bryant's success story was one of destiny. He was a basketball fanatic as a 3 year old, who grew up loving the LA Lakers, no wonder he ended up there. Kobe would watch videos, study the game and learn tricks from his father who was once an NBA player himself. Kobe was so aligned with making the NBA, it was just a matter of time...
Babe Ruth, the legend of baseball was a man who was not afraid to face fears and break limits. He was honored for his courage and attitude. Although his mother past away when he was a teenage and his father sent him to an orphanage, Ruth never let his surroundings determine his future. "Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games."
Female snowboard legend, Gretchen Bleiler had found her calling at age 11 and was hooked ever since. She won Olympic Medals and created her own companies - all from doing what she loved.
Known for speaking his mind, responsible for the most controversial goal ever "hand of god", and also for being possibly the greatest soccer legend of all time. Find out how Maradona reached his surmountable success and how it all began as a dream he had sleeping on a soccer ball at night as a 3 year old....