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Wealth, Success, Or Love Who Would You Invite?

"Wealth, Success, or Love" is a famous metaphorical short story. The wisdom is powerful, it's one to do with passion and happiness. Here is the story:

Ang Lee’s Never Ending Dream (Life Of Pi Director)

An inspiring true story essay written by Director Ang Lee after receiving his Oscar for Life Of Pi reminds us to never quit on our dreams, no matter how much opposition or odds are against us. He was a Taiwanese immigrant aspiring for Hollywood film-making. His dream became a reality!

10 ‘Word’s of Wisdom’: Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is one of, if not, the greatest, iconic, boxing legend of all time, having an astonishing record of 56 wins, (37 knockouts,...

6 Degrees of Separation: Thriving Through People

6 Degrees of Separation is a theory stating that anyone can connect to anyone else in the world through no more than 6 intermediaries. Applying this theory to your life (whether the theory is true or not) can help you succeed in all areas of life. As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

5 Ways Negative Media Is Keeping You From Success

Whether you believe it or not, what you watch, listen to, and read about affects your perspective and attitude towards life, which ultimately determines the decisions you make on a day-to-day basis. The media is highly effective in reprogramming the way you think. Here are 5 ways negative media is keeping you from success, and a higher quality of life. Stay aware and always guard/align your mind with your visions...

25 Motivational Company Brand Slogans

Branding is a way to convey the message of a company, but even more so, the belief, standards and values the company strives for. Most slogans empower the consumer while also revealing what they will feel by using there company. Here's 25 of the most motivating slogans to live by, regardless of the companies motives.

WARNING: Control Is Just An Illusion!

Having an obsession of wanting to control everything is like a disease, it can stress you out, and it will almost always lead to you being a lonely, unsuccessful person. Being in control is just an illusion, it doesn’t really exist, and it’s just a feeling that you feel when things are going the way you want them to go based on your ego.

’12 Years A Slave’ Director Understands Safe Is Risky

Steve Mcqueen, an artist, screenwriter, and film director was fearless, daring and relentless in paving his own path to success. Find out what bold statement's he made about the industry and what he did about it.