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Ronaldo’s Selfless Teammate

Cristiano Ronaldo gave his old youth club teammate and true friend Albert Fantrau a new car and a gorgeous home in return for a very generous deed - and that's an understatement!

7 Inspiring Facts About Sam Smith

The most inspiring events and facts that occurred during Sam Smith's life prior to his blow up success. Here's some of the struggles he faced, the role models he had and some quick bits of why he really became so successful.

How To Take Charge of Your Life Once & For All

Are you a person that takes charge of your life, or do you let the outer circumstances determine where your life is going? There’s...

10 Tupac Lyrics That Will Inspire You

Here are the top 10 not deepest, or wisest, but most inspiring lyrics of Tupac Shakur that depicts his go-getter mentality and how mentally wise and poetic he was.

How Many Times Was Dr Seuss Rejected?

Before being known for witty quotes, Dr Seuss, he faced rejection over and over again. Guess how many times Dr Seuss was rejected before being published?

4 Athletes That Prove Success Is A Mental Game

You've probably often heard the term "mentality is everything" and its true far more than you may think. Don't believe me? Here are some of the greatest athletes of all time that needed to have a top-notch mental game to reach an elite level of greatness.

3 Egoless Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do That You May Fear

Successful entrepreneurs tend to be egoless, they're willing to be a bit embarrassed and sacrifice self-image if it means getting to an elite level.

Real Success is A Result of Acting In Spite Of Anything

Real success occurs when one is able to control their own destiny, able to inspire one’s self so greatly that the inspiration itself encourages the person to take intuitive action in spite of any limits, beliefs, comfort zones or anything for that matter!