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Ideas Are Useless Without Execution

You’ve probably been in the situation where you’ve thought of an amazing idea, you know the whole world would want to buy into it, you’re so excited about this idea, a couple weeks go by, and all of a sudden you see YOUR IDEA on television by some big corporation…What happened? Well, guess what, instead of pondering on the idea, someone else executed it! Point blank, an idea is completely useless if you do nothing about it.

’12 Years A Slave’ Director Understands Safe Is Risky

Steve Mcqueen, an artist, screenwriter, and film director was fearless, daring and relentless in paving his own path to success. Find out what bold statement's he made about the industry and what he did about it.

Donald Glover, Don’t Let the Perception of the Creator Limit the...

Donald Glover has many passions, and his greatest gift perhaps is how he uses his intuition on letting something go and when to tackle something new and take risks.

33 Most Inspirational Movies Of All Time

From Rebel Without A Cause, to Avatar, to Forrest Gump, here are 33 of the most inspirational movies of all time.

Chris Pratt’s Inspiring Speech to Underprivileged Kids

First time father himself, Chris Pratt delivers some awesome advice to underprivileged kids encouraging them to be their own star lord hero.

Why Penn and Teller Find Purpose In Deconstructing Magic And Revealing...

Duo Penn and Teller found extreme passion in blowing the lid off the ancient art of magic, by letting the audience behind the curtain, and revealing illusions.

Howard Schultz: Don’t Just Embrace Adversity, Be Thankful For It

Starbucks chairman, Howard Schultz shows us that although adversity is necessary predicate of the human condition, failure is not.

Musician As Identity: Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend celebrates music, and invites everyone to come along for the ride; this is what truly makes him unique, and an inspiration to many.