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The Wonder of Werner Herzog

Filmmaker and unconventional provocateur Werner Herzog doesn't limit himself to one medium; He directs film and TV, is a producer, voice actor, teacher and author.

Chris Pratt’s Inspiring Speech to Underprivileged Kids

First time father himself, Chris Pratt delivers some awesome advice to underprivileged kids encouraging them to be their own star lord hero.

Brilliant Concept: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Clever on many different levels. Creating awareness is the best way to bring about global change. It has stickiness as its clearly gone viral and everyone wants to see the reactions. Everyone involved is having fun and feeling a sense of contribution. Others are donating. Let's face it: It's genius!

There Are Many Different Ways To Define Success; This Is One...

To really succeed, offer encouragement, give praise, or provide guidance. This is success of the highest caliber and is the lasting success we are all striving for.

How Mindy Kaling Never Let Any Obstacles Discourage Her

Mindy Kaling believed in herself to extraordinary measures and showed everyone exactly what a minority Indian woman was capable of achieving on her own terms.

Lydia Ko Embraces Living In The Moment as a Professional Golfer

Despite all her early success, Lydia Ko has learned to embrace every moment and treat every day as a learning opportunity, growing both as person and as a golfer.

6 Highly Inspiring Facts About Larry Bird’s Life

Larry Bird was an extraordinary player and person who overcame ton's of adversity and struggles in his life. Here are 6 over the top inspiring facts.

One For The Money, Two For The Fraction Of The Show

Lady Gaga made the super bowl SUPER as she jumped and took everyone in awe! Her message of people being united was beautiful - especially at a time like this.