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5 Ways Negative Media Is Keeping You From Success

Whether you believe it or not, what you watch, listen to, and read about affects your perspective and attitude towards life, which ultimately determines the decisions you make on a day-to-day basis. The media is highly effective in reprogramming the way you think. Here are 5 ways negative media is keeping you from success, and a higher quality of life. Stay aware and always guard/align your mind with your visions...

Kim Kardashian On Her Passion For Fashion

One would think Kim Kardashian got into the fashion industry just by her “sex appeal,” however, it took a lot more work than just that. When a fan asked how Kim Kardashian got into the fashion industry, this was her response:

Leonardo DiCaprio And The Important Roles Celebrities Play In Tackling World...

Leonardo DiCaprio’s role with climate change: this article focuses on the important role celebrities and entertainers play in tackling world issues.

Find Out How Brian Chesky Was Uniquely Inspired To Create Airbnb

Find out how co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky alongside his roommate came up with their business concept and made it a profitable company while being unemployed and heavily in debt.

Thomas Edison and How Inventors View Failure as Steps Towards Their...

Thomas Edison's story centers around the fact he did not quit in the face of failure. He understood the ups and downs that came with the process of inventing.

Why Mother Teresa Is Still A Great Role Model For Charity

Mother Teresea's criticism, controversy and errors to her methods should not demotivate us to give. We should allow her good intentions to empower us.

Wisdom and Words to Live by From Marc Maron

Here are 19 pieces of wisdom from Marc Maron to give us an interesting perspective to this thing called life and some inspiration on our own journeys.

Michael Dell Made More Than His Teacher

Did you know Michael Dell was becoming successful at investing and making money long before creating Dell computers? Well, it might shock you but he was making more than his teacher.