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13 VERY Inspiring Facts About Sia Furler that Will Make Your...

Sia endured a lifelong journey full of struggles from personal demons, tragedies, drugs, alcohol, depression, attempted suicide, disease to many record flops and failures.

Ovechkin’s Heart Quenching Passion

Alexander the great, is an NHL star who is on pace for the most goals ever. His single biggest reason for so much success: Passion! Whether he's celebrating with a gigantic cheek to cheek smile across his face, hitting, scoring or flirting with female broadcasters, Alex Ovechkin is passionate about hockey and about life!

Are You Crazy Because You’re Creative or Are You Creative Because...

Our minds are often leashed by societal restraints to ensure that they do not wonder too far, which can be a major disservice to our natural human creativity.

A Feeling Success Guide to Applying the No More Zero Days...

Everyone is different, there is no shame in your game either way, but knowing more about yourself can help you match objectives with measurable tasks.

7 Inspiring Facts About Sam Smith

The most inspiring events and facts that occurred during Sam Smith's life prior to his blow up success. Here's some of the struggles he faced, the role models he had and some quick bits of why he really became so successful.

South Park Creators Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and How Their Artistic...

The duo’s hard work and willingness to stand behind their artistic vision has garnered critical and commercial success with South park and all other endeavors.

Kevin Durant and How to Be Empowered by Your Decisions

There will always be criticism and judgments thrown his way, but what perhaps empowers Durant is knowing that his decisions are what led him to his success.

Jon Bones Jones: Law Of Attraction

If there's any single reason why Jon Bones Jones is one of the best fighters in the world, it would have to be that he believes he's the best pound for pound fighter. And he attracts all the success he certainly deserves. Jon Bones admits that he knows, understands and applies the law of attraction!