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Was Kaepernick Destined To Be QB For 49ers?

Find out how Colin Kaepernick intended to be a QB for the Niners and how the law of attraction pulled it into his reality. Almost a bit scary, but when you produce an intention and then believe wholeheartedly in it, you will bring that belief into the real world.

What We Can All Learn from The Story Of Vincent Van...

“Seek only light and freedom and do not immerse yourself too deeply in the worldly mire.” ― Vincent van Gogh Say the name of the...

The Leadership Strategies And Abilities of Tech & Space Pioneer Elon...

Elon Musk’s leadership style has evolved and has been a crucial component in his success by practicing these four leadership strategies.

What We Really Need To Know About Planning, Preparing, And Expecting...

If we were indeed born to win, does someone else have to lose? Or, is it truly possible to create win/win opportunities in business and competition?

Real Success is A Result of Acting In Spite Of Anything

Real success occurs when one is able to control their own destiny, able to inspire one’s self so greatly that the inspiration itself encourages the person to take intuitive action in spite of any limits, beliefs, comfort zones or anything for that matter!

Why Inspiration Is More Powerful Than Motivation

People often wonder what the difference between inspiration and motivation is. I’m convinced that being inspired to do something great, is far more powerful than being motivated.

What We Can Learn From The Rockefeller Family Regime Of Philanthropy,...

Here are five famed Rockefellers that have set the bar of giving back significantly through community, philanthropy, politics, and social change.

7 Quick Tips For Young Entrepreneurs

Here are 7 quick tips for young entrepreneurs. These include passion, the right habits, patience and more. Click to find out the rest.