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Sergey Brin’s Non-Conforming In His Ways

Extremely non conforming and unconventional in his ways, Sergey and even partner Larry Page always change the game and how it’s played, automatically making themselves the leaders in innovation while every one else imitates.

John Legend Uses his Fame to be an Advocate for Change...

John Legend is an advocate in many causes related to dis-mantling outdated stereotypes which have imprisoned many people and suppressed true creativity.

South Park Creators Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and How Their Artistic...

The duo’s hard work and willingness to stand behind their artistic vision has garnered critical and commercial success with South park and all other endeavors.

The ‘Must-Have’ Trait For Success: Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is arguably the most needed trait to in order to succeed. With enthusiasm, positive energy oozes through your entire body and into the world. The definition of enthusiasm according to Google is to have intense and eager enjoyment. Another, more popular definition of enthusiasm, according to ancient Greek, is “god from within”. That’s right according to ancient Greek if you’re enthusiastic, it means you’re acting from God energy.

Victoria Beckham’s Rigorous Work Ethic Made Her A Successful Pop Star...

From entertainer to entrepreneur, Beckham’s ardent passion and intense work ethic have assisted her in creating a top fashion brand and proving the critics wrong.

Why Mother Teresa Is Still A Great Role Model For Charity

Mother Teresea's criticism, controversy and errors to her methods should not demotivate us to give. We should allow her good intentions to empower us.

Why You Have To Be Selfish To Be Successful

Do you have to be selfish to be successful? The short answer, yes! but not the selfishness you’re thinking of. Not the kind of selfishness that makes people around you feel down and irritated, but being as selfish as you can be when it comes to feeling absolutely great, day in and day out.

How Nicolas Steno’s Questioning Mindset Shaped Modern Geology

Find out how Nicolas Steno remarkably followed his curiosity and challenged the accepted ways to make major breakthrough's. Learn the gift of questioning.