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Alicia Keys’ Powerful Message: Why Are We Here?

A powerful, and moving message by the ever so talented Alicia Keys (Posted on her Facebook page, on September 8, 2014). This post was written not only to explain the passion behind here new hit "We Are Here" but also to start a movement, more details can be shown on the website WeAreHereMovement.com :

The Imprint Of Print: 9 Life Changing Books

One of the most life altering and encouraging ways to receive inspiration is from a book. Whether it is 10 or 10,000 pages, the lessons are greatly impactful.

Rolf Dobelli: 10 Reasons The News Can Be Toxic To Your...

Rolf Dobelli successfully argues how the news can be extremely toxic to your subconscious mind, and therefore keep you from being an enthusiastic, uplifting person.

Christopher Nolan Movies Have A Special Formula

Director Christopher Nolan has made some of the biggest movies from Dark Knight to Inception and Interstellar. But what was the key reason he became so successful?

Gratitude: The Backbone To Life Itself

Being grateful is the cornerstone for a truly blissful life, let's explore why it's so crucial to focus on what you have and why it directly relates to happiness.

3 Egoless Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do That You May Fear

Successful entrepreneurs tend to be egoless, they're willing to be a bit embarrassed and sacrifice self-image if it means getting to an elite level.

Why Penn and Teller Find Purpose In Deconstructing Magic And Revealing...

Duo Penn and Teller found extreme passion in blowing the lid off the ancient art of magic, by letting the audience behind the curtain, and revealing illusions.

The Famous Belief: Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Have you ever heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness?” This saying can actually be limiting you from making more money. Believing in such sayings is a poor way of feeling better about yourself if you don’t have the money you wish you’d accumulate.