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How To Be An Effective Leader

To be an effective leader takes three major skills, the ability to influence people, the ability to direct and navigate, and to have a charismatic personality.

Benedict Cumberbatch: A Man With Many Important Faces

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (top 10 quotes) is quickly becoming one of the most iconic people, let alone actors of the century. He was...

5 Reasons Why The Sun Is Our Mind’s Best Friend

The sun is vital to our survival here on earth. In fact the sun increases dopamine levels, increases weight-loss,and even reduces stress. The sun is your minds best friend.

Edward Snowden and Whether or Not Whistleblowers Are Traitors or Heroes?

Snowden and many other whistleblower's often reveal the information they find because they can’t, and refuse, to turn a blind eye to the corruption they see.

Michael J. Fox: Rolling With The Punches

Find out how a major life crisis enabled Michael J. Fox to publish 3 books, start a foundation for Parkinson's, and earn honorary doctorates for research aid.

Michael Dell Made More Than His Teacher

Did you know Michael Dell was becoming successful at investing and making money long before creating Dell computers? Well, it might shock you but he was making more than his teacher.

The Herd Mentality And Your Ego

the herd mentality (aka mob mentality) and your ego. How this mentality can be keeping you from making bad decisions which lead to unhappiness

Melinda Gates and the Business of Giving Back

Melinda Gates teaches us how investing in individuals creates a domino effect, that may very well come back around to the investor in many forms beyond wealth.