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Leonardo DiCaprio And The Important Roles Celebrities Play In Tackling World...

Leonardo DiCaprio’s role with climate change: this article focuses on the important role celebrities and entertainers play in tackling world issues.

Six Extremely Unique And Purpose Driven Polymaths

A polymath is a person of great and diverse learning in many different subject areas. They help teach us we don’t have to limit...

How Robert Desnos’s Story Can Bring Light to Our Darkest Times

Desnos shows us that through dark times imagination will aid us in cathartic ways, and also help us to help others to stay strong, supportive and optimistic.

Rags To Riches Stories: The Ultimate List

Rags to riches stories are the epitome of the "American Dream," they're what makes success look so enticing, and what make movies such as...

How Do We Delineate The Difference Between “Real” Happiness and “Fake”...

Happiness is definitely an inside job. This article talks to several happiness researchers and experts who break it down to a science and provide proven tools.

Donna Karan Used Her Life to Overcome Loss

Donna Karan finds stability in knowing that life is bigger than our present circumstance, “The minute you get self-absorbed, self-involved -- you're in trouble."

Nocturnal Animals Writer and Director Tom Ford: A Man of Many...

Find out how Tom Ford’s success correlates directly with his love for his craft and how it enables him to work extremely hard and stay committed.

Edward Snowden and Whether or Not Whistleblowers Are Traitors or Heroes?

Snowden and many other whistleblower's often reveal the information they find because they can’t, and refuse, to turn a blind eye to the corruption they see.