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James Baldwin – Amidst and Ahead of His Time

James Baldwin, who wrote about civil rights, was a great source of light, shining out on the world a powerful and urgent message about people, community, and self.

Usain Bolt’s Relentless Work Ethic & Patient Outlook Ensures Success

As a master of his craft, Usain Bolt knows the importance of combining relentless training with keeping patient and creating strong inner beliefs about oneself.

Top 3 Eye Opening Films To Watch Before The 2017 Oscars

It’s time to begin our mass movie-watching binge and catch up on those Academy Award nominations we’ve missed out on, especially the most empowering ones.

Ellen Is An Advocate Of Change

The always positive Ellen DeGeneres is an ambassador of change; she quit smoking, is a vegan, supporter of gay rights and is an environmentalist too. She lives and breathes her personal mission of creating a better more positive world.

Alicia Keys’ Powerful Message: Why Are We Here?

A powerful, and moving message by the ever so talented Alicia Keys (Posted on her Facebook page, on September 8, 2014). This post was written not only to explain the passion behind here new hit "We Are Here" but also to start a movement, more details can be shown on the website WeAreHereMovement.com :

How Fergie Embodies the Divine Feminine as a Modern-day Goddess in...

In striking a balance with her life, Fergie gives adequate attention to her overall health, and wellness as well as reinventing her craft continuously.

10 Athletes Who Overcame Adversity And Challenges

From poverty and rough childhoods to deadly diseases and injuries, here's the 10 athletes that inspire millions because of their courage, inner strength and mental attitude.

Famous Failures: 100 Failures Who Became Famous

These famous failures never understood the word 'no' as they pushed humanity forward by failing forward. They listened to the voice within over the noisy world.