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4 Athletes That Prove Success Is A Mental Game

You've probably often heard the term "mentality is everything" and its true far more than you may think. Don't believe me? Here are some of the greatest athletes of all time that needed to have a top-notch mental game to reach an elite level of greatness.

Thomas Edison – Failures & Rejections

A true inventor, a pioneer of the times, and a visionary for creations, Thomas Edison. He is now considered a genius by the world, but he was initially considered "too stupid" by his teachers. Never listen to the outside world and their insecure opinions.

Ideas Are Useless Without Execution

You’ve probably been in the situation where you’ve thought of an amazing idea, you know the whole world would want to buy into it, you’re so excited about this idea, a couple weeks go by, and all of a sudden you see YOUR IDEA on television by some big corporation…What happened? Well, guess what, instead of pondering on the idea, someone else executed it! Point blank, an idea is completely useless if you do nothing about it.

What We Can Learn From The Rockefeller Family Regime Of Philanthropy,...

Here are five famed Rockefellers that have set the bar of giving back significantly through community, philanthropy, politics, and social change.

How Fergie Embodies the Divine Feminine as a Modern-day Goddess in...

In striking a balance with her life, Fergie gives adequate attention to her overall health, and wellness as well as reinventing her craft continuously.

A Burning Desire: John Newman

John Newman became addicted to music and fell in love with everything to do with it. However, he was not a born natural artist, he worked at it and the the passion came with time.

7 Simple But Key Reasons Steve Jobs Achieved Astronomical Success

Steve Job’s ‘Job’ was to leave this life imprinting upon us his unconventional blueprint to achieving success through invention and innovation.

‘Bugsy’ Siegel Ruthless Perseverance

Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, the man who many credit for the creation of Las Vegas' now notoriously known nightlife. "Bugsy" was a Jewish mobster and...