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The Continuous Rising Star: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Passion and a love of one’s craft is often credited as being a central conduit to creative success, which is true even with respect to Lin Manuel Miranda's career

A Vince Lombardi Quote On Humility

As stated, mental toughness covers a broad range of ideas and attributes. Vince Lombardi tried always, to keep things simple. He spoke about his ideas as concepts.

A Burning Desire: John Newman

John Newman became addicted to music and fell in love with everything to do with it. However, he was not a born natural artist, he worked at it and the the passion came with time.

Benoit Mandelbrot: Scientific Revolutionaries

Most people have probably never heard of Benoit Mandelbrot, but, they are much more likely to have had someone describe an image or object...

7 Simple But Key Reasons Steve Jobs Achieved Astronomical Success

Steve Job’s ‘Job’ was to leave this life imprinting upon us his unconventional blueprint to achieving success through invention and innovation.

Gratitude: The Backbone To Life Itself

Being grateful is the cornerstone for a truly blissful life, let's explore why it's so crucial to focus on what you have and why it directly relates to happiness.

Kevin Durant and How to Be Empowered by Your Decisions

There will always be criticism and judgments thrown his way, but what perhaps empowers Durant is knowing that his decisions are what led him to his success.

Why You Have To Be Selfish To Be Successful

Do you have to be selfish to be successful? The short answer, yes! but not the selfishness you’re thinking of. Not the kind of selfishness that makes people around you feel down and irritated, but being as selfish as you can be when it comes to feeling absolutely great, day in and day out.