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(Video) A Speech on Google’s Success Story

Larry Page and Sergey Brin give a great speech about how they founded Google in their Garage and didn't initially set out to create a search engine at all.

J. Cole: Reflecting on His Hometown, Struggles with Success & His...

J. Cole speaks about his humble beginnings and yearning at a young age to leave his hometown, Fayetteville NC. His pursuit led to revolutionizing...

Sia – The Greatest

Another magical masterpiece by Sia which is about finding your stamina and never giving up to be the greatest version of yourself.

Idris Elba’s Inspirational Mobo Award Acceptance Speech

A great speech about stretching the horizons, growing through dark times, and empowering millions of others like him who don't know it to just go for it.

G-Eazy Inspirational Speech About Never Being Satisfied

A G-Eazy speech where he discusses his journey about never being satisfied, thinking ahead and to work your ass off.


Bryce Harper shares his insight on baseball and life being a numbers game of stats, but that ultimately no number sounds as good as the crack of the bat.

‘All In A Day’s Work’ Dr.Dre & Jimmy Iovine Intro About...

The intro to Dre's All In A Day's Work has Record producer Jimmy Iovine give his spiel about fear and how to overcome it versus letting it get in your way.

Russell Crowe’s Inspiring Oscar Speech

Russell Crowe won his first Oscar in 2001 for his role as Maximus Decimus Meridius in The Gladiator. His acceptance speech delivers an inspiring message reminding us to go after our dreams regardless of any disadvantages, as Russell states that anything is possible with enough courage.