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Trust Your Power Duracell Commercial Featuring 49ers’ Patrick Willis

A Duracell commercial discussing the importance of the power inside by telling the story of all-pro linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers Patrick Willis.

Drake’s Highschool Graduation Speech About Following Through

A Drake speech where he talks heavily about following through with our goals and commitments to reach our destination.

Rihanna – Do It For The Love Of It

Rihanna shares some of her personal success secrets from being passionate, hard work, and not having extreme expectations but rather flowing with what comes next.

Who Kendrick Lamar Was Before He Was Famous

This is the 'come up' story of Kendrick Lamar and his love for music and art. His ambition kept him away from the heavily infected gang world in Compton.

Shakira Youtube Interview About A Better World

Shakira answers questions from her fans on everything from education, world peace, to believing in human nature.

Interstellar “Aim Higher” Trailer Reminds Us To Dream Very Big

The Interstellar trailer entails what the human species is always fascinated with; overcoming the impossible, making the unknown known, and challenging limits.

Becoming: Wale – Part 1

Wale gives this epic interview with Intel Becoming to give his feedback on his journey to the limelight. He enjoys success but despises fame....

Chappie: Who Am I In This Body?

A magnificent collision between thought provoking scenes from the film Chappie and Alan Watts exploring the mysteries of existence created by TJOP.