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Yoda: “Do Or Do Not There Is No Try” Scene

The epic scene from Star Wars' philosophical character Yoda has become a motivational catch phrase for the past 30 years from a galaxy far, far away. It's been stamped on every poster, tweeted millions of times over, and printed on countless t-shirts, yet the message remains as powerful as always!

Richard Branson On Learning From Failures

The owner of the Virgin empire, Richard Branson , sat with marketing guru Seth Godin to discuss the failures associated with entrepreneurship.

The Best Inspirational Video For Women Ever

This super inspiring video features some of the most influential women in history as it features the greatest speeches and clips.

Alicia Keys and Finding Herself

Alicia Keys discusses a time in her early career where her life was all over the place and a trip alone to Egypt would help solve everything and put it all back into perspective.

G-Eazy Inspirational Speech About Never Being Satisfied

A G-Eazy speech where he discusses his journey about never being satisfied, thinking ahead and to work your ass off.

Jack Dorsey’s Talks About Role Model’s And Always Asking The ‘Why’...

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey talks about the importance of role models and how he is inspired by artist Robert Irwin for always asking the "why" question.

D-Rose & 2Pac: Just A Kid From Chicago

A powerade commercial featuring Tupac as he speaks from his poem 'rose in the concrete'. Derrick Rose discusses how he wants to push positivity and inspire kids.

Why Uber’s Travis Kalanick Believes The Right Advice Is So Essential

Uber founder Travis Kalanick gives a quick 36 second spiel about the importance of filtering out and taking the right form of advice that's most applicable to you.