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How Billy Bob Thornton’s Dreams Came Alive

On Oprah's Master Class series, Billy Bob Thornton shares his personal story revolving around dreams, struggle and sacrifice.

The Definition Of A Champion – Motivational Montage

The greatest athletes come together in this Stack inspirational inside look to reveal what it takes to conquer dreams and goals.

(Summary) Why You Will Fail To Have A Great Career TED...

In this hilarious TED Talks, economic professor Larry Smith explains why you will fail to have a great career. In simple, it's because no matter how many times someone tells you to follow your passion, you just won't do it!

Jared Leto – Owning Yourself

Jared Leto speaks about owning yourself by being as different as you want to be and even though it can be lonely at times you every right to be you.

Big Sean Talks Meditation

https://youtu.be/udJAUWntw1Y Big Sean talks meditation, and how he utilizes it before he goes in a rap session. Big Sean seems to be a major fan...

Sean Penn’s Speech From Fair Game

A short but powerful speech about democracy not being a free ride and about remembering our duties as citizens and not blindfolding ourselves from the truth.

Teammates Of Kobe Bryant Share His Insane Work Ethic Stories

In this video, teammates of the legend speak out about different stories they've experienced where Kobe had extremely disciplined habits.

Why Tom Hardy Believes Greatness Is For All Of Us

Actor Tom Hardy pairs up with Nike for an epic “Find Your Greatness” campaign touching on how greatness is possible for anyone, and not just for a few chosen ones.