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Inspirational Interviews from Famous Successful People

Eddie Murphy: Always Go After Your Dreams

Eddie Murphy, one of the greatest comedians of his generation, explains why you should always go after your dreams.

Ed Sheeran Advice: Everything Is Not Always As it Seems

Ed Sheeran chatted with Walmart Risers series about his personal advice to other aspiring artists regarding portraying yourself to the world the way you actually are.

Quentin Tarantino – Motivation

Quentin Tarantino shares his struggling story about how he had to hold on to his passion and patience in order to become one of the best Hollywood directors.

Tyra Banks Gives Advice On Getting Knocked Down

Tyra Banks shares advice about the magic of getting back up when doors are shut and the importance of knowing exactly why you want to do something.

Howard Schultz – Share The Success

Howard Schultz talks about a story about his father that taught him about humility, not judging others and sharing the success.

Kevin Spacey on Why “Wanting” To Be Successful Isn’t Enough

Kevin Spacey says wanting to be successful is NOT enough! That "wanting" is just "desire," instead you have to know exactly "what" you want to accomplish and "why" you want to accomplish it.

Carmen Electra Inspirational Speech/Interview with Jaime Monroy

Carmen Electra gives a surprise inspiring interview about pushing through, having gratitude, handling rejections and loving exactly what you do.

Floyd Mayweather Jr on Self Belief

"I'm in this sport to be the best." Mayweather touches on his strong level of confidence in himself and how some may think he's cocky, but he states that he just really believes he's that great. His mindset towards himself is obvious proof for the rest of us, that we must believe in ourselves to an extreme extent.