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Inspirational Interviews from Famous Successful People

David Frost Interview with Muhammad Ali – Power Of Certainty

This rare interview before the "Rumble In The Jungle" bout with George Foreman reveals the kind of absolute certainty and power Muhammad Ali had!

Abby Elliott Left SNL Because It Wasn’t “Exactly” What She Wanted...

Abby Elliott reveals why she left Saturday Night Live after 4 seasons. She was only 21 when she got the opportunity to work for the Emmy award winning comedy show.

LMFAO Credit The Law of Attraction (The Secret) For Success

  LMFAO talks about The Secret, how they believe in the philosophical concept of the law of attraction, and even to the point that they...

Instagram Founder Kevin Synstrom: “Learn Enough to Be Dangerous”

The Instagram pioneer, Kevin Synstrom shares his insights on entrepreneurship and how it is intertwined with learning enough to be dangerous.

Tim Ferris: The Jar of Awesome & Celebrating Small Wins

Tim Ferris shows us how we simply be more grateful to celebrate the small wins by writing down the things that were awesome each day.

Waka Flocka On Materialism In The Industry

Waka Flocka gets heated and passionate in this interview with the Breakfast Club about being consciously aware of the world around you.

J.J. Watt: Motivated By Greatness Not Money

Houston Texans J.J. Watts sits down with Pro Hall of Famer Howie Long who gets some great feedback from the defensive end. Watts clearly understands the recipe for greatness.

‘Lights’ Dimmed Out The Bullies

Musician 'Lights' is a successful young artist, but she faced a lot of haters and bullies in particular during her highschool years. She gives some great advice on how to be comfortable with being different and not fitting in.