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Influential Interviews

Inspirational Interviews from Famous Successful People

Jennifer Jason Leigh On Trusting your Instincts

Jennifer Jason Leigh reveals her success formula and it all has to do with trusting your instincts and allowing them to govern your life.

Being Detached From Dreams Allowed Will Farrell’s Reality To Change

Will Ferrell's dreams began to unfold when his father gave him the anti pep talk about "it might not work out" which enabled him to be so detached.

Jeff Bezos’ 7 Rules For Success

This video montage covers Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' insightful entrepreneurial advice on passion for invention, being realistic, minimizing regrets and more.

Post Game LeBron James Interview – Talks Being Calm, Confident And...

LeBron James talks about 'last years news', being calm, the game always giving back to those give it their all, and a line that Jay-Z told him.

Priyanka Chopra – I Don’t Want To Have Any Label or...

Priyanka Chopra on being limitless and leaving all opportunities wide open, even today as a successful actress, she leaves the possibilities as endless options.

Dustin Hoffman’s Mind Blowing Answer For Why He Does What He...

Dustin Hoffman has the greatest answer for a tough question he got asked by a student regarding "why he does what he does".

Kevin Spacey – Not Weird, Unique

Actor Kevin Spacey speaks up about his story growing up and how he was the victim of bullying but thankfully he had friends who empowered him to be different.

Christopher Reeve And Robin Williams Taught Barbara Walters Something Special About...

Barbara Walters tells a beautiful story about laughing and living about Robin Williams and Christopher Reeves when he was paralyzed in the hospital.