Influential Interviews

Inspirational Interviews from Famous Successful People

How Goldie Hawn Held On To Her Integrity

Goldie Hawn explains how as a young actress struggling to make a name for herself in NYC she held on to her integrity which served her very well in the long run.

Shonda Rhimes Says Don’t Dream, Do

Director Shonda Rhimes explains how she decided to say yes to things that scared her immensely and how we should not follow our dreams but rather be a doer.

Simon Cowell On Ellen – Work Hard And Be Patient

Simon Cowell tells Ellen about his biggest failure, being broke and how talent aligned with hard work and patience is the ultimate formula.

Tyra Banks Gives Advice On Getting Knocked Down

Tyra Banks shares advice about the magic of getting back up when doors are shut and the importance of knowing exactly why you want to do something.