Influential Interviews

Inspirational Interviews from Famous Successful People

Being Detached From Dreams Allowed Will Farrell’s Reality To Change

Will Ferrell's dreams began to unfold when his father gave him the anti pep talk about "it might not work out" which enabled him to be so detached.

Kate Winslet On Preparation, Never Judging And Staying Focused

Kate Winslet shares the importance of inspiration coming from any angle, being prepared and focused, and never judging.

Kevin Hart’s Word’s Of Wisdom

Hugely successful comedian Kevin Hart shares his tricks of the trade and wisdom that helped him get to where he is. He discusses his work ethic, passion and poise.

R.I.P Chris Cornell: Expressing Music To Heal Others

Cornell speaks about how his most powerful work came from a dark place in his life, and how he views and listens to those songs because they remind him of triumph.