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Kanye West on Self-Belief

Kanye West talks about having high self-esteem, believing in yourself, and how the perception of yourself impacts your success. He says Kanye West fans are not fans of him, but are fans of themselves.

MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) Inspires Fan To Walk For The First...

MGK Machine Gun Kelly inspires a fan to walk out of his wheel chair for the first time. This video is awe-inspiring, showing us the power not only of music, but of how humans can inspire one another in incomprehensible ways!

Wiz Khalifa Inspiring Interview with CNN

Wiz Khalifa gives an inspiring talk on how he became successful, as he states he always envisioned himself being successful, and how he became known as "Young Wiz" for being wise beyond his years.

Jay Z: What’s The Point of Living Average Video

Jay Z is interviewed with Irv Gotti where he explains the inspiration behind the lyrics to Can I Live, a song from the album Reasonable Doubt.

J Cole Cutting Off All Ends; Produce for Jay Z or...

Before J Cole made it, he cut off all ends of retreat, he literally made a t shirt that said, "Produce for Jay Z or Die Trying"

Tyga Talks Dreaming Big, Being Around Good Energy, And Doing Whatever...

In this inspiring video, rapper Tyga talks about how how it was always his goal and dream as a kid to rap, how he didn't really know how it was going to come about but just did whatever he could at the time to progress. Eventually, the road to riches unfolded as he took action with blind faith. Tyga also expresses the importance about being around good energy people. A clear insight as to why Tyga is a huge hit in the hip hop industry today.

Notorious B.I.G Words of Wisdom

Here is a collage of some of the most motivational, and inspirational words that Biggies Smalls has given to the public. Here are his keys to greatness, take note.

Kendrick Lamar on Napoleon Hill Think & Grow Rich

Kendrick Lamar has a line about Napoleon Hill in his song "Cut You Off." In this video, Kendrick Lamar further expresses his belief in Hill's philosophy on the energy and the vibe you give out is what comes back.