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Big Sean Talks Law of Attraction & Books He’s Read

Big Sean talks about how he's spiritual, believes in the law of attraction, and has had a life coach to help him be successful.

50 Cent on Tavis Smiley (Convince Yourself)

50 cent talks about his work ethic, how he's able to stay self motivated and where his business acumen comes from. 50 Cent states he had to feed off his own energy, motivate yourself, into convincing yourself that you're gonna make it. He states that you can kind of woo yourself into inspiring your own self.

Kevin Gates: Why Accept Failure When Success Is Free

Hip Hopper Kevin Gates talks some honest wisdom about life and what he's learned over the years. He has an intelligent conversation with The Breakfast Club and admits that growth and changing are quintessential for success.

Eminem On Proving The Doubters Wrong

Eminem talks about his come up story of the first time he went on stage and got booed, and how his main source of inspiration was proving the doubters wrong.

Drake – Success Secrets

VYBO (Visualize Yourself Beyond Ordinary) created this video of combined clips of Drake giving profound success secrets, advice and wisdom. A must watch.

Rapper Logic Talks Law of Attraction And Goal-Setting

As hip hop artist Logic is rapidly making a major name for himself with hit songs such as "Welcome to Forever" he's quickly becoming a name in regular hip-hop conversation. One can only wonder how he's made a name for himself, this video gives some insight on how he states he's achieving his dream, and made his first million (which was before he was even signed). In this vid, Logic talks with Steve Lobel about how he believes the Law of Attraction is everything, and how he used to envision being with some of the people he's around now. He also talks about how he sets his dreams into goals, and that everytime he achieves one goal, he sets 10 more, because even though he's humbled, and enthusiastic for achieving one goal, he knows to keep growing its a continuous goal-setting process.

Kanye West Art Institute of Chicago Speech

Kanye West gives a speech to art students of Chicago while accepting an honorary doctorate degree by the institution. Kanye seems to be one...

P. Diddy On Positivity, Belief And Success

P. Diddy never fails to bring his high flying energy and enthusiasm while trying his absolute best to inspire everyone and anyone listening. He really, really, really believes that the more you believe the more you will receive.