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Kanye West’s Inspiring Grammy Speech About Seizing The Moment

Kanye West gives another great speech about being an opportunist with time and not wasting it talking about "the good old days".

50 Cent Talks About Fears

50 Cent elaborates on his book "The 50th Law" and the many different aspects of fear that he has learned to deal with - from the rough streets he grew up in to the corporate business world he learned to evolve in.

Nas’ Brilliant Advice- Obey Your Thirst

Nas gives an "Obey Your Thirst" interview-video with Fader discussing his visions, aspirations and advice. He talks about trusting in yourself, and giving it everything, while being your true self.

Becoming: Wale On Success

Wale reveals the layers below the fame and success that most people quickly idolize without taking a closer truer look.

Tyrese Gibson Motivational Speech: Those Who Can See The Invisible Can...

Tyrese Gibson gives a powerful motivational speech encouraging people to start there dreams NOW, not later. He says some of the most powerful words you may NOT want to hear, but NEED to hear, because it is often too true. only those, that can see the invisible, can do the impossible.

Daniel Beaty – Knock Knock (Def Jam Poetry)

A very powerful live poem by actor, singer and writer Daniel Beaty when he shared the poem "Knock, Knock" with Def Jam Poetry about a father and son.

Russell Simmons: Do What You Love

  Russell Simmons talks about the fact that he doesn't do anything unless he absolutely loves it with Inc.com. He states he literally can't sell...

Jay Z Believe In Your Genius Level Talent (Concert Speech)

  A great video uploaded by Evan Carmichael, Jay Z expressing his mentality at a concert, that you MUST believe in your talent to an...