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Inspirational and Motivational Speeches from Famous Successful People

J. Lo’s Brilliant Advice For Being Yourself In 15 Seconds

Jennifer Lopez tells us what she knows about being true to yourself and what it looks like to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Simon Sinek on the Importance of Writing Down Your Goals

Simon Sinek reflects on writing down your goals and how it is essential to accomplishing them.

Charlie Kaufman’s Awakening BAFTA Speech Is Opening People’s Minds

Director Charlie Kaufman will open your eyes about our false form of reality created by brands and he encourages us to not sell our authentic selves subconsciously

John F. Kennedy “We Choose To Go To The Moon” Speech

  On September 12, 1962, one of the most well spoken and diplomatic presidents of the United States, John F. Kennedy, gave a timeless speech...

Martin Luther King Jr I Have A Dream Speech

Martin Luther King Jr., who won the Nobel Peace Prize was an absolute advocate of change, a messenger of love, and an ambassador of human rights.

Alan Watts Dissects Choices And Our Thought Processes Behind Them In...

This masterpiece video combines movie scenes with the voice over from Alan Watts' speech about the essentialities of our intuitive choices.

James Franco At The Strand-Advice For Actors

James Franco gives his thoughts and advice for aspiring actors and anyone chasing dreams about the control you have of how hard you work versus how things turn out.

James Cameron Ted Talks Speech: A Curious Boy

Director James Cameron at Ted Talks speaking about Avatar and pushing the envelope, taking risks and he uses a NASA slogan as a great example.