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Inspirational Videos from Famous Successful Entrepreneurs

Teary-Eyed Elon Musk On Not Giving Up, Even When Your Heroes...

Elon Musk, gets emotional after his childhood heroes and inspiration behind his projects such as Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan are against his dreams.

What It Means To Be An Entrepreneur

If you have the ability to take risks, explore your creativity and you have a vision, you can join a community that is changing the world every day.

Redefining Success With Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson published a book called Redefining Success and in this interview he discusses how making mistakes are a good thing and elaborates on some interesting topics.

Howard Schultz: I Dreamed Big Dreams

Mega Entrepreneur and the man responsible for Starbucks, Howard Schultz gives his one of a kind wisdom on how to dream big and follow through with it. He discusses how there will be people along the way who will question the size of your dreams, and how you should not allow anyone, family or friends, to get in the way by bringing you down.

Anita Roddick: Mrs. Body Shop

With a sign on her door that read "Trust your crazy ideas", Anita Roddick enters her home to show you a little bit about her personal space while she reveals how her own crazy idea for the Body Shop came about.

Change.org Founder Jennifer Dulski’s Advice About Regrets In 1 Minute

Jennifer Dulski, who created Change.org, does a quick interview with Fortune discussing her most insightful advice about regret from her college professor.

John Paul DeJoria (Founder of Patron): Keys to Success

Want to learn from a BILLIONAIRE who was once homeless? Check out this video of John Paul DeJoria (the founder of the Patron Tequila...

Robert Herjavec: Don’t Complain, Be Happy Before The Money

Some of the golden rules Robert Herjavec believes led him to success opposed to just working hard and having an idea, was that his dad taught him to not complain,