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Inspirational Videos from Famous Successful Entrepreneurs

Marc Ecko: Success Is Hangover Of Failure

Owner and creator of Marc Ecko explains how failure and success are on extremely close ends and that people too often look at failure like they never want to ever get close to it.

Anita Roddick: Mrs. Body Shop

With a sign on her door that read "Trust your crazy ideas", Anita Roddick enters her home to show you a little bit about her personal space while she reveals how her own crazy idea for the Body Shop came about.

Steve Harvey: You Got To Jump

Steve Harvey breaks down some straight up truths about becoming successful - in terms of wealth and abundance. He believes that jumping and taking risks is a massive step to the live of your dreams, and that there's no way around it.

Why Jordan Belfort Believes The Fear Of Failure Will Stop You

The Wolf Of Wallstreet, Jordan Belfort discusses the #1 thing that truly get's in our way towards progress, and that is the fear of failure.

Jeff Bezos’ 7 Rules For Success

This video montage covers Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' insightful entrepreneurial advice on passion for invention, being realistic, minimizing regrets and more.

Kevin O’Leary: Road to Riches

As much as people hate Kevin O'Leary for his arrogance and brash behaviour, this video may earn him some respect for how it all began for him. This road to riches episode of Dragon's Den goes to his old house, shows where he got his first job and how he was fired. Truly inspiring story and interview...

Robert Herjavec: Don’t Complain, Be Happy Before The Money

Some of the golden rules Robert Herjavec believes led him to success opposed to just working hard and having an idea, was that his dad taught him to not complain,

Mark Cuban Gives Advice For Broke And Struggling Entrepreneurs

Billionaire Mark Cuban tells a short tale about his broke and struggling days while creating a vision and gives practical advice.