David Beckham Overcame The Blame

Through this very artistic video, we get to take a deep look inside the huge adversity and shame that David Beckham faced at the World Cup back in the 90's. It's a powerful clip that's highly inspiring as it showcases what it's like to face massive scrutiny and blame and how he eventually overcame it all.

Follow Your Heart: Alan Watts & Steve Jobs

Such a powerful message that can only be described with one word: WOW! If there's one piece of advice to ever take, it will be found in this clip - absolutely remarkable and inspiring.

Kobe Bryant: The Vigorous Worker

The video is done exceptionally well, as it takes several interviews, and cuts throughout his decorated career and showcases only the most inspiring bits. What you will find, is that Kobe continuously pushes the limits, and breaks through with his exhausting work ethic and limitless attitude.

Anderson Silva’s Spider Philosophy

Silva is possibly the best pound for pounder fighter on the entire planet, and in this video posted by the UFC, he shares his philosophies which clearly prove why he's been so great. His mentality and his beliefs!

Jacob Hoggard And His $150 Canadian Idol Bet

Hedley's Jacob Hoggard came out to expose himself to the world back in 2004 on Canadian Idol. He's never been one to shy away and sometimes he could be extremely flamboyant in his way, because he's an artist first, plus he really couldn't care about what others think of him. His old band members bet 150 against him - they were wrong.

Jay Leno’s Heartfelt Epilogue

On the last episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he gives a teary-eyed, heartfelt speech on how his staff became his family.

3 Years Of Travel In 3 Minutes

High On Life is a brand that represents 4 guys who left their lives to travel the world and find themselves. In the process they created video's and a unique clothing brand.

CIVILIZATION VI Official Announcement Trailer –

This Civilization IV ad recaptures big events in history as the narrator reminds us of the great human spirit that imagines, takes risks and the odds we defy.