Why Hilary Duff, Jessica Biel, Tony Hawk And Slash Believe In...

4 different clips of actresses Hillary Duff and Jessica Biel, Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk and Guitarist Slash discussing their viewpoints on how make a difference.

8 Life Lessons From Boy Meets World’s Mr. Feeney

Mr. Feeney was like a father figure to 90's kids as he would give Cory, Shawn and Topanga countless advice about life with his...

Man Of Steel – You Are Different – Superman

Scenes from Man Of Steel combined with a speech by Forever Motivation that reminds us to rewire our brains with self-worthiness and self-love.

CIVILIZATION VI Official Announcement Trailer –

This Civilization IV ad recaptures big events in history as the narrator reminds us of the great human spirit that imagines, takes risks and the odds we defy.

Spanx Owner Sara Blakely’s 10 Rules For Success

Female billionaire and creator of Spanx, Sara Lively shares her personal rules for success. 10 to be exact.

Fate – Run After Your Destiny

Run after your destiny is a video created by Forever Motivation which features clips from Olympic history tied in with a powerful message by TD Jakes.

Motivational Video: Heroes – “Don’t Try And Build A Wall” Narrated...

A unique motivational video that combines several different super-hero movie clips with Will Smith's speech about being "unrealistic.

Seattle Seahawks Doug Baldwin Criticizes Doubters

In this video, Seattle Seahawks' Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin criticizes reporters after the major comeback whereby Seahawks came back from 16 - 0 to win the NFC and move onto NFL Super Bowl XLIX. Baldwin criticizes doubters, and expresses the power of BELIEVING YOURSELF, regardless of if others doubt you.