Suits – Harvey Specter’s Best Owns (Goalcast)

A scene full of Harvey Spector lines that are simply the best. His confidence, body language and self-worth, are like no other. A must watch.

Mike Rashid Advice On Becoming Successful In Life

Fitness trainer Mike Rashid gives advice on living a successful life (a word to the wise). You attract who you are, what you think, and what you express.

Jim Carrey Video: A Better You Means A Better Universe

"Living in this world will always be a game, the object of which, is to create as much goodwill as possible" "The most valuable commodity of life, is the feeling you get when you give" "Compassion is the currency to creating real wealth"

Joe Rogan: Society Trap (Live YOUR Way)

Here's a question, are you a sheep? Did you know that if you get a pack of humans to walk a certain direction, others will start following, just like sheep? In this video Joe Rogan tries to awaken the world into noticing, and better yet, claiming their own individualistic place in the world.

Alan Watts: What Do You Desire Video

Alan Watts explains the importance of doing what you desire, and not working for money. "What makes you itch? What would you do if money were no object?" What do you want to do?"

Neil deGrasse Tyson – The Most Astounding Fact

Neil deGrasse Tyson delivers an impeccable answer about the most astounding fact about how the universe is within us, and that our atoms came from the stars above.

Obama Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom

This video features the full event of President Barack Obama giving medals of freedom to high achieving Americans such as Michael Jordan, Bill Gates and Ellen.

Motivational Video: Heroes – “Don’t Try And Build A Wall” Narrated...

A unique motivational video that combines several different super-hero movie clips with Will Smith's speech about being "unrealistic.