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25 Most Inspiring Tory Lanez Quotes

In this list of Tory Lanez quotes you'll get an inside peak at the creative artist who got fired from Denny's and promised himself to never work for anyone again.

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These Imagine Dragons quotes and lyrics that are dedicated to inspire you to embrace your differences, enduring through struggles and to make art that matters.

73 Captivating Quotes By Kevin Gates

As a convicted felon with a Master Degree in Psychology, Kevin Gates is a well rounded individual, whose quotes are rather intriguing.

12 Motivational YG Quotes

These 12 powerful YG quotes symbolize the strength, grit and perseverance that he gained from the harsh realities he grew up in.

Bruce Springsteen’s 20 Life Altering Quotes

Nicknamed "The Boss", Bruce Springsteen was known for being the front man for the E Street Band. But it was his reflective music of...

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Logic (The Rapper) Quotes

This is the top 10 list of inspirational quotes by rapper Logic regarding trail and error, doing things for you, and finding peace and happiness.

15 Will Smith Quotes That Will Motivate And Empower You

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