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The Top 10 GREATEST Wayne Gretzky Quotes EVER

These are the 10 most inspiring Wayne Gretzky quotes where he reveals his wisdom of taking unlimited chances, working for it all, and building strong habits.

Top 15 Quotes To Seize Opportunities

These quotes will encourage you to jump on opportunities that align with who you are and give you wings to trust your intuition rather than let fear stop you.

25 Pieces Of Wisdom From Honest Ed Mirvish

Honest Ed Mirvish was a successful entrepreneur, beloved impresario, philanthropist and an immigrant who transformed his first small businesses into an empire.

10 Ian Somerhalder Quotes to Strive for Greater Possibilities

Here are 10 inspiring quotes from Ian Somerhalder that are reminders to keep striving for more and directly impacting the world around you.

The 10 Most Inspiring Kevin Hart Quotes

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40 Super Inspiring Emma Stone Quotes

This extensive list goes into 40 of the most inspiring and uplifting Emma Stone quotes that will surely make you feel empowered!

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Wiz Khalifa Quotes

These are the top 10 most inspiring Wiz Khalifa quotes to empower your mind and soul to strive for the inner dreams while enjoying the entire ride of life.

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Tyler, The Creator Quotes

10 inspiringly mind blowing quotes by Tyler, The Creator that will stimulate your mind to think like a creative genius and to be yourself no matter what.