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Satirical Writer Kurt Vonnegut’s Near Death Experience Shaped His Greatest Work

Here are 20 quotes from Kurt Vonnegut to inspire writers, artists, scientists and humanists alike to allow the bumps be a sort of road map for the journey

The Top 10 MOST Inspiring Scarlett Johansson Quotes

This is the ultimate list of Scarlett Johansson quotes about determination, loving yourself, and making an impact by spreading awareness.

The 10 Most Inspiring Anne Frank Quotes

This is the ultimate top 10 most inspiring Anne Frank quotes that will give you hope in humanity and a positive lens to view the world with.

Dave Chappelle’s 7 Quotes To Live By

Dave Chappelle is known for his hilarious jokes and dead-on impressions, but he also has another side that makes him a pretty well rounded character. The legend of comedy is actually really wise?

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Taylor Swift Quotes

This list of top 10 inspiring Taylor Swift quotes will guide your spirit to be more fearless and give you the courage to express yourself authentically.

Top 10 Quotes By Ken Kesey That Helped Launch the Hippie...

These 10 quotes from author Ken Kesey will give you vast insight on how to channel your rebellious non-conforming side into art.

The 10 Most Inspiring Vincent Van Gogh Quotes

These quotes by Vincent Van Gogh will talk directyl to your soul about being courageous, never confining to normal and loving others unconditionally. 

The 10 Most Inspiring Jay-Z Quotes

This list is comprised of the 10 greatest Jay-Z quotes of all time that will serve to inspire you to live large and hustle hard to make your dreams real.