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10 Inspiring Chuck D Quotes: The Power of Music as a...

Chuck D’s influential work is an inspiration for the powerful role music can have in educating audiences, and communicating social messages, and calls for change.

Top 10 Abigail Spencer Quotes To Find Your Inner Peace

Abigail Spencer quotes to learn the inner workings that helped her that can help anyone; Failing often, being grateful, finding balance, and taking risks.

The 10 Most Inspiring Wale Quotes

A top 10 list of Wale quotes that will give you great insight and wisdom about finding meaning in your life, not seeking perfection and being exactly who you are.

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Marlon Brando Quotes

This is the ultimate list compromised of the most empowering Marlon Brando quotes ever that will encourage you to think for yourself and own your space.

Amy Poehler Quotes: The Importance of Having Layers to Remove any...

Amy Poehler is funny and talented, but she also has so much depth, love, and wisdom to give which we can learn and understand from her most profound quotes.

12 Inspiring Bryce Harper Quotes

12 outspoken and inspiring Bryce Harper quotes that prove his self beliefs and confident swagger are much needed for the game of baseball in this day and age.

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Mark Wahlberg Quotes

Mark Wahlberg is a versatile and ambitious individual who initially set out as a rapper and model who turned into an A-list actor, producer and business...

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Babe Ruth Quotes

Here are the top 10 most inspiring Babe Ruth quotes ever that will remind you to never let anything stop you from what you want out of this life.