Uplifting Music

Empowering and motivating music for the soul.

Shakira – Try Everything

The hope giving lyrics tell us to not be afraid to make mistakes and to embrace failure and falling down is a natural part of life, hence we should welcome it.

Major Lazer – Get Free ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors...

2 really empowering songs from Major Lazer and J. Cole where they go above and beyond mainstream as they spread some awareness to get you to feel true freedom.

Baby Don’t Cry – Tupac Shakur

This legendary song by Tupac was officially released in 1999 as he shared hope for single mothers and gave some empowering words of encouragement.

T.I. – Live Your Life [feat. Rihanna]

This 2008 anthem had everybody spring a smile every time they heard "just live your life" and truth is, it probably always will, it's got that good energy vibe.

Mike Posner (JordanXL Remix) – Be As You Are

Mike Posner interviews a kid who talks about boxing for his dad, but truly loving dancing. Society tries to mold our image, but we should just be as we are.

The XX – Intro

How can a song with no video and no lyrics or vocals whatsoever be so extremely inspiring? Well, there is only one way to find out, you won't be let down.

Nas – I Can

Nas delivered this 'empower the youth' track back in 2002 where he shared a few stories about history, gave tools and educated anyone listening in the process.

Audioslave – Be Yourself

Be Yourself can make any day where you feel like a misfit turn into a day where you feel fully validated from within, and need to seek no further.