Athlete Empowerment

Videos to get the mind and body stimulated.

Through Hell

Feeling down, depressed or frustrated with yourself and your visions of who you desire to become? Well, this is the exact video to get every cell in your body stimulated..

Wayne Gretzky Inspiration: Passion For The Game

  Some inspirational clips of young Gretzky playing the sport he always loved, hockey. Gretzky says it never felt like practice, he just had a...

The Mind of Michael Jordan – The Psychology Of An Obsessed...

Analyzing the mind of the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan and how he was absolutely obsessed with greatness.

Usain Bolt – Hard Work Is Behind The Scene

Usain Bolt talks about the actual hard work few seem to recognize when it comes to success and the hard gruesome hours that are...

Muhammad Ali’s Insane Work Ethic

Muhammad Ali had incredible work ethic and mental preparation. His trainer Angelo Dundee was perfect for nurturing Ali and his charismatic & confident nature.

Jose Bautista “The Man Behind The Bat” Reveals His Unique Upbringing

Home run king of the Toronto Blue Jays Jose Bautista takes us into his world and humble beginnings out in the Dominican Republic.

The Inside Job of How Sonya Curry Raised Stephen Curry

Steph Curry's mother Sonya shares her story of how she raised the NBA MVP while her husband was playing professionally. She was his mother and supporter.

Kobe Bryant’s Motivational Speech Before His Official Retirement

Kobe Bryant talks about himself from a third person view about his journey to retirement and gives some great perspectives about true greatness.