Athlete Empowerment

Videos to get the mind and body stimulated.

Why Tom Hardy Believes Greatness Is For All Of Us

Actor Tom Hardy pairs up with Nike for an epic “Find Your Greatness” campaign touching on how greatness is possible for anyone, and not just for a few chosen ones.

Conor Mcgregor – What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

This motivational montage of Irish MMA fighter Conor Mcgregor including some of his most memorable moments and wise words of advice.

Mason Plumlee’s Incredible Journey To The NBA

Mason Plumlee of the Portland Trailblazer's reveals his journey to the top and all the obstacles he had to overcome to get to the big leagues of the NBA.

Steve Smith Shares Some Motivational Words About Not Making Excuses

WR shares a quick story about his journey and the important lessons he learned from his parents about working hard and never making excuses, no matter what.

Simone Manuel Gives Advice To Her 11 Year Old Self in...

Simone Manuel reflects on her swimming career and offers some advice to an 11 year old self about not putting so much pressure on yourself and working really hard.

The Eye-Popping Kansas City Royals “Motivation” Video

A powerful montage of MLB Champions Kansas City highlights combined with some riveting words of wisdom about time and the present moment.

How Dwayne Johnson Found Success In Failures

Dwayne Johnson talks about how he got cut from the NFL, was overwhelmed with depression and had only 7$ in his pocket having to move back in with his parents.

Joseph Schooling Was Inspired By Michael Phelps

Joseph Schooling beat his childhood hero Michael Phelps in the 100m butterfly as he took the record for the fastest time ever.