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Videos to get the mind and body stimulated.

Inside Stuff: Kyrie Irving Shares His Secrets From Within

Kyrie Irving shares his insight about working on his finishing since he was 13, having his back against the wall, and practicing for perfection against his father.

LaMarcus Aldridge: Beating The Odds

LaMArcus Aldridge is an achieving over-comer who battled through many challenges growing up. An irregular heart condition nearly took away his dreams of playing pro basketball forever.

Adidas Commercial Impossible Is Nothing (Muhammad Ali)

This classic Adidas Impossible Is Nothing ad gets the mind fueled to dream big, to fear nothing and to not pay attention to the critics.

Steve Smith Shares Some Motivational Words About Not Making Excuses

WR shares a quick story about his journey and the important lessons he learned from his parents about working hard and never making excuses, no matter what.

Look Me In The Eyes – Jordan Commercial – Become Legendary

A Nike commercial that is sure to give off the goosebumps as Michael Jordan explains how no one knows what is truly within you except for you.

Michael Phelps – It’s What You Do In The Dark

This Under Armour commercial revolves around Michael Phelps as he trains for his last Olympics. Legacies are built over a lifetime of goals.

Michael Jordan – The Drive

An exceptional video by AbsoluteMotivation that dissects the inner realm of the greatest NBA basketball player ever, Michael Jordan. From his own voice and his own words, Jordan breaks down some very key principles

Jeremy Bloom: Being Obsessed With Winning Creates The Opposite Effect

Entrepreneur, Olympian, Gold medalist skier and NFL player Jeremy Bloom shares his view of success which he claims has evolved tremendously over the years.