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Videos to get the mind and body stimulated.

Minnesota Wild’s Charlie Coyle Makes Kids Day:

Minnesota Wild’s Charlie Coyle Makes Kids Day: It’s moments like these that inspire a young kid to become something great, who knows. This kid may...

Cristiano Ronaldo – It’s About The Small Details

Cristiano Ronaldo, in this exclusive interview with Nike, discusses a short story from his younger days that changed everything.

Anthony Davis: The Journey

Davis shares some of the challenges and lessons he learned that guided him to all-star status and reveals some of his own personal struggles of being too skinny and having a bad shot.

Kobe Bryant’s Motivational Speech Before His Official Retirement

Kobe Bryant talks about himself from a third person view about his journey to retirement and gives some great perspectives about true greatness.

Stephen Curry’s Inspiring 2015 MVP Speech About Faith, Passion, Drive And...

After winning the Kia 2015 MVP of the year award, Stephen Curry delivered an extremely inspiring speech where he reflected on his passion, faith, drive & will.

Sidney Crosby Tim Hortons Commercial: Doing Something You Love

At FeelingSuccess we believe passion is one of the most common traits among the successful, and is often the least taught thing in the personal growth industry. Here's an amazing clip where NHL superstar Sidney Crosby re-affirms our belief in passion where a young Crosby (around 14 years old) says: "Wouldn't it be amazing? Getting up everyday and playing, doing something that you love to do" - Sidney Crosby

Tony Romo – You Earn Everything & You Have To Prove...

  Tony Romo addressed the media and rather than answer questions, he decided to give an incredible speech that touched on competition, true team work through shared...

Mason Plumlee’s Incredible Journey To The NBA

Mason Plumlee of the Portland Trailblazer's reveals his journey to the top and all the obstacles he had to overcome to get to the big leagues of the NBA.