Jordan Belfort’s 6 Steps to Success

Jordan Belfort 6 steps to success

After Jordan Belfort (the REAL Wolf of Wallstreet) committed penny stocks fraud, he went to the famous Richard Bandler  (who also worked with Tony Robbins) who analyzed his life, explained to him what made him so rich, but also why he was messed up at the same time. After Jordan changed the areas in his life that made him greedy, and a drug addict, he has now been sober for over ten years, became successful in a legit way, as a motivational speaker, and is helping people all over the world. Jordan states that he didn’t have the right mental-state (everything effected him) nor the right values in his life which was what made him commit fraud, become a drug-addict, and contemplate suicide, even though he was wildly rich. He also states that his belief was that he thought greed was okay, and now that he’s changed these areas of this formula, he’s become truly wealthy.

Jordan Belfort’s Step 1: Vision

Describe the lifestyle you want to live, not just goals, but the exact type of lifestyle you want to live, see yourself living that lifestyle. Goals are not powerful enough to compel you, a vision is.

Jordan Belfort’s Step 2: Mental-State (2 Parts)

Physiology: This is a part of move, act, and carry yourself as a successful person. It has been proven that you feel motivating emotion AFTER you make the physical movements. “Act as if you have unmatching confidence, act as if you have all of the answers & you will get all of the answers, act as if you are wealthy.”

Focus: Have laser-like focus on all positive aspects of life. We attract what we focus on. If you focus on problems you’ll make problems that don’t even exist! Don’t let outer circumstances control you; “Successful people are 100% convinced that they are masters of their own destiny: they’re not creatures of circumstance, they create circumstance – if the circumstances around them suck they change them.”

Jordan Belfort’s Step 3: Beliefs

Believe you can do it, and believe you’re worth it. Get rid of all limiting beliefs that you have created throughout your life that is holding you back. This includes negative beliefs that were built from family, friends, teachers, media, and even self-made limiting beliefs. 

Jordan Belfort’s Step 4: Values

Even if you have all other things, if you don’t have values, you won’t be truly wealthy. Jordan Belfort states that the reason he ended up in jail after his first major success and committed fraud because he valued power, and drugs of health, family, and good ethics. Have the right set of values such as family, health and good ethics and everything else will fall into place.

Jordan Belfort’s Step 5: Standards

Set high standards for yourself “you always get what you must have, seldom get what you should have.” Jordan Belfort states that he would tell young employees “you have to make more than $100,000 this year our your fired” and they would do it, once that was their standard they were able to make it happen!

Jordan Belfort’s Step 6: Strategy

Find a strategy that works in your field. The greatest way to do this is model a successful person in your business “modelling a successful person can turn a decade into a day”.