Kim Kardashian On Her Passion For Fashion

Kim Kardashian Fashion Advice

One would think Kim Kardashian got into the fashion industry just by her “sex appeal,” however, it took a lot more work than just that. When a fan asked how Kim Kardashian got into the fashion industry, this was her response:

“I’ve always loved working. I knew I always loved clothes, so 1st started selling & buying clothes on eBay, worked at a clothing store, then started styling, then opened a store, now my own clothing line. I did whatever I could to learn about what I was passionate about. I would say figure out what you love to do, and find a way to make it a career.” – Kim Kardashian

Just goes to show, even if you’re family’s highly successful, you’re considered one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, and you even have your own TV show, you STILL need to take courageous steps towards building your own business from the ground up when trying to do something you LOVE!!!




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